Page on the Law of Wills

All aspects of Wills are discussed, from testamentary capacity and execution formalities through probate, contests, and construction.

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This seven-volume, comprehensive set features an exhaustive discussion of all aspects of Wills, from their history at common law through the development of statutory requirements and case law interpretations. All elements of a Will are discussed, as are testamentary capacity, execution formalities, and tax considerations. Probate is explored, with emphasis on contests and construction. Also included is an entire volume of forms.

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Table of contents

Volume One

1 Introductory Background
2 History of the Law of Wills and Testaments
3 Source and Extent of Testamentary Power--Legislative and Judicial Control
4 (Reserved)
5 Inherent Nature and Elements of a Will
6 Will Substitutes
7 Gifts Causa Mortis
8 (Reserved)
9 Contingent Wills
10 Contracts to Make Wills
11 Joint, Mutual and Reciprocal Wills
12 Capacity of Make a Will
13 Mistake
14 Misrepresentation, Nondisclosure and Fraud
15 Undue Influences and Duress
16 What Can Be Disposed of by Will
17 Who Can Take by Will

Volume Two

18 (Reserved)
19 Formalities of Execution
20 Special Types of Wills
21 Revocation
22 Alteration and Spoliation
23 Republication and Revival
24 Tort Liability for Wrongs Connected with Wills
25 Contracts Concerning Probate and Contest of Wills

Volume Three

26 Probate and Contest of Domestic Wills
27 Probate and Contest of Lost and Spoliated Wills
28 Probate and Contest of Foreign Wills
29 Evidence

Volume Four

30 Construction--General Principles
31 Suits and Other Proceedings to Construe Wills
32 Evidence in Aid of Construction
33 Description of Property
34 Description of Beneficiaries
35 Gifts to a Class
36 Distribution Among Beneficiaries
37 Nature of Estates Created by Will

Volume Five

38 Marital Deduction
39 Gifts of Income, Annuities, Support and Related Benefits
40 Testamentary Trusts
41 Charitable Trusts
42 Perpetuities and Accumulations
43 Vested and Contingent Interests
44 Conditional Gifts
45 Powers
46 Conversion by Will
47 Election

Volume Six

48 Classes of Legacies and Devises
49 Acceptance and Renunciation of Devises and Legacies
50 Lapsed and Void Devises and Legacies
51 Charge of Legacies
52 Charge of Debts
53 Abatement
54 Ademption
55 Advancements
56 Contribution
57 Satisfaction and Discharge of Debts
58 Cumulative and Substitutional Legacies
59 Rights and Liabilities of Devisees and Legatees
60 Conflict of Laws
61 Tax Considerations in Will Drafting

Volume Seven