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Oklahoma Real Estate Forms

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Whether you represent a buyer, seller, lender or borrower, you'll find exactly what you need to practice effective real estate law in Oklahoma Real Estate Forms. Save time and expenses by drafting documents with this complete, three-volume set covering all aspects of residential, commercial and construction transactions.

You'll obtain sample forms and clause options to address every phase of the conveyancing process, supported with helpful commentary. You'll have all the essential materials and expert advice in one complete source, so you work more efficiently and do the best job possible for your client.

Use the books and zip file together to create the forms you need including: Homeowners Association Documents, Title Holding Agreements, Special Provisions for Oil and Gas Leases, FIRPTA Affidavits and dozens of others to help you whenever you deal with real estate issues.

Newly updated, Oklahoma Real Estate Forms includes new forms such as:
-A kickout contingency clause for buying a new house
-Earnest money deposit escrow agreement
-Pre-closing occupancy agreement
-Detailed restaurant lease
-Plus others!

Also read up on recent legislation about an amendment which allows the mortgagor, the mortgagee or "any interested party" to pay the mortgage tax, a change in Oklahoma law.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Agreements Relating to Sale of Real Property
Chapter 2 Deeds and Other Instruments of Conveyance
Chapter 3 Financing of Real Property
Chapter 4 Miscellaneous Forms
4.1 Practice Considerations
4.2 Easements
4.3 Restrictive Covenants, Affecting Real Property
4.4 Homeowners' Association Documents
4.5 Escrow Agreements
4.6 Title Holding Agreements
4.7 Contracts for Management of Real Property
4.8 FIRPTA Affidavits
4.9 I.R.S. Form 1099B for Reporting Transactions that Close after 1986
4.10 Homeowners' Association Documents
4.11 I.R.S. Form 1099A for Reporting Foreclosures or Deed in Lieu Transactions
4.12 Estoppel Certificate Relating to Common Area Assessments with a Unit Ownership Estate
4.13 Environmental Questionnaire and Disclosure Statement
4.14 Party Wall Agreements
4.15 Mechanic and Materialmens' Liens
Chapter 5 Miscellaneous Oil and Gas Forms
5.1 Practice Considerations
5.2 Special Provisions for Oil and Gas Leases
5.3 Assignment of Oil and Gas Leases
5.4 Conveyance of Overriding Royalty Interests
5.5 Mortgage on Oil and Gas Properties