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Ohio Transaction Guide--Legal Forms

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This 16-volume set provides practitioners with research tools, analyses, practice tips, checklists and forms pertaining to business entities, wills, trusts, and real estate, commercial and personal transactions in Ohio.

Ohio Transaction Guide is updated by the well-regarded Cleveland law firm of Cavitch, Familo, Durkin & Frutkin, L.P.A.

Most of the chapters contain a research guide, a legal background discussion, a practice guide and a forms section. The research guide provides a list of primary and secondary sources that relate to the subject matter of the chapter. The legal background discussion summarizes the applicable law, while the practice guide contains helpful outlines or checklists. The forms section, which constitutes roughly half of each chapter, not only contains many useful forms but also describes how to use them.

Table of Contents

Unit One Business Entities

Volume 1 Formation of Corporations

Volume 2 Corporate Operations and Termination

Volume 3 Other Business Organizations

Unit Two Wills and Trusts

Volume 4 Estate Planning and Wills

Volume 5 Fiduciaries and Testamentary Trusts

Volume 6 Gifts and Living Trusts

Unit Three Commercial Transactions

Volume 7 Business Financing

Volume 8 Business Contracts and Procedures

Volume 9 Business and Consumer Relations

Unit Four Real Estate

Volume 10 Real Estate: Sales and Conveyances

Volume 11 Real Estate: Sales and Conveyances (con't) and Construction and Leasing

Volume 12 Real Estate: Construction and Leasing (con't); Syndication and Development

Volume 13 Real Estate: Syndication and Development (con't)

Unit Five Personal Transactions

Volume 14 Individuals and Families

Volume 15 Marriage Settlement Agreements

Full Index Volume