Ohio Juvenile Law Handbook

Features broad range of statutes and rules relating to juveniles in Ohio.

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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522154945
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Ohio Juvenile Law Handbook features a broad range of statutes and rules relating to juveniles and such issues as delinquency and criminal law, domestic relations, education, employment, mental health, and public welfare. Selected administrative provisions from the Ohio Department of Youth Services complete this handbook’s coverage. The sections covering juvenile court proceedings are enhanced with extensive case annotations and research references to provide further avenues of research.

Table of Contents

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Table of Sections Affected

Title 21: Courts — Probate — Juvenile

Chapter 2151: Juvenile Court

Chapter 2152: Delinquent Children; Juvenile Traffic Offenders

Chapter 2153: Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court

Ohio Rules of Juvenile Procedure


Title 1: State Government

Chapter 103: Legislative Services

Chapter 121: State Departments

Chapter 131: Revenues and Funds

Chapter 141: Salaries of State Officers

Chapter 181: Criminal Sentencing Commission; Criminal Justice Services

Title 3: Counties

Chapter 307: Board of County Commissioners — Powers

Chapter 340: Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services

Title 5: Townships

Chapter 505: Trustees

Title 15: Conservation of Natural Resources

Chapter 1533: Hunting; Fishing

Chapter 1547: Watercraft and Waterways

Chapter 1565: Mine Employees

Title 17: Corporations — Partnerships

Chapter 1717: Humane Societies

Title 21: Courts — Probate — Juvenile

Chapter 2101: Probate Court — Jurisdiction; Procedure

Chapter 2111: Guardians; Conservatorships

Title 23: Courts — Common Pleas

Chapter 2301: Organization

Title 25: Courts — Appellate

Chapter 2501: Court of Appeals

Chapter 2505: Procedure on Appeal

Title 27: Courts — General Provisions — Special Remedies

Chapter 2743: Court of Claims

Title 29: Crimes — Procedure

Chapter 2901: General Provisions

Chapter 2903: Homicide and Assault

Chapter 2905: Kidnapping and Extortion

Chapter 2907: Sex Offenses

Chapter 2909: Arson and Related Offenses

Chapter 2911: Robbery, Burglary, Trespass, and Safecracking

Chapter 2913: Theft and Fraud

Chapter 2915: Gambling

Chapter 2917: Offenses Against the Public Peace

Chapter 2919: Offenses Against the Family

Chapter 2921: Offenses Against Justice and Public Administration

Chapter 2923: Conspiracy, Attempt, and Complicity; Weapons Control; Corrupt Activity

Chapter 2925: Drug Offenses

Chapter 2927: Miscellaneous Offenses

Chapter 2929: Penalties and Sentencing

Chapter 2930: Victim's Rights

Chapter 2933: Peace Warrants; Search Warrants

Chapter 2935: Arrest, Citation, and Disposition Alternatives

Chapter 2945: Trial

Chapter 2949: Execution of Sentence

Chapter 2950: Sex Offender Registration and Notification

Chapter 2967: Pardon; Parole; Probation

Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure

Title 31: Domestic Relations — Children

Chapter 3101: Marriage

Chapter 3103: Husband and Wife

Chapter 3107: Adoption

Chapter 3109: Children

Chapter 3111: Parentage

Chapter 3113: Neglect, Abandonment, or Domestic Violence

Chapter 3115: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

Chapter 3119: Calculation of Child Support Obligation — Health Insurance Coverage

Chapter 3121: Collection and Disbursement of Child Support

Chapter 3127: Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

Title 33: Education — Libraries

Chapter 3313: Boards of Education

Chapter 3321: School Attendance

Title 41: Labor and Industry

Chapter 4109: Employment of Minors

Chapter 4113: Miscellaneous Labor Provisions

Title 43: Liquor

Chapter 4301: Liquor Control Law

Title 45: Motor Vehicles — Aeronauts — Watercraft

Chapter 4507: Driver's License Law

Chapter 4510: Driver's License Suspension, Cancellation, Revocation

Chapter 4511: Traffic Laws — Operation of Motor Vehicles

Chapter 4519: Special Vehicles

Chapter 4521: Local, Noncriminal Parking Infractions

Title 51: Public Welfare

Chapter 5103: Placement of Children

Chapter 5107: Ohio Works First Program

Chapter 5119: Department of Mental Health

Chapter 5120: Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

Chapter 5123: Department of Developmental Disabilities

Chapter 5139: Youth Services

Chapter 5153: County Children Services

Selected Ohio Administrative Code Sections

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