Ohio Annotated Probate Laws Handbook

The statutes and rules you need to probate an estate in Ohio.
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2023 Edition
ISBN: 9781663363633
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2023 Edition
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This newest edition of Ohio Annotated Probate Laws Handbook contains statutes and court rules for the use of judges, attorneys, and others involved in the practice of probate law in Ohio. It is conveniently designed to accompany the practitioner into the courtroom as a portable reference guide. The new edition includes the entire Ohio Trust Code, Title 58, and more than 100 Standard Probate Forms prescribed by the Ohio Supreme Court. Don't be without this indispensable guide next time you probate a client's Ohio estate.

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Table of contents



2101: Probate Court — Jurisdiction; Procedure
2103: Dower
2105: Descent and Distribution
2106: Rights of Surviving Spouses
2107: Wills
2108: Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
2109: Fiduciaries
2111: Guardians; Conservatorships
2112: Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act
2113: Executors and Administrators — Appointment; Powers; Duties
2115: Executors and Administrators — Inventory
2117: Presentment of Claims Against Estate
2119: Trustee for Absentee
2121: Presumed Decedents’ Law
2123: Determination of Heirship
2125: Action for Wrongful Death
2127: Sale of Lands
2129: Ancillary Administration
2131: Miscellaneous
2133: Modified Uniform Rights of the Terminally Ill Act and the DNR Identification and Do-Not-Resuscitate Order Law
2135: Declaration for Mental Health Treatment
2137: Digital Assets Act


5801: General Provisions and Definitions
5802: Judicial Proceedings
5803: Representation
5804: Creation, Validity, Modification and Termination of Trust
5805: Spendthrift Provision and Creditors; Mandatory Distributions
5806: Revocable Trusts
5807: Office of Trustee
5808: Duties and Powers of Trustee
5809: Uniform Prudent Investor Act
5810: Breach of Trust
5811: Miscellaneous Provisions
5812: Uniform Principal and Income Act
5813: Institutional Trust Funds Act
5814: Transfers to Minors Act
5815: Fiduciary Law
5816: Ohio Legacy Trust Act
5817: Validity of Wills and Trusts

3: Officer; Oaths; Bonds
145: Public Employees Retirement System
149: Documents, Reports, and Records
1313: Voluntary Assignments
1335: Statute of Frauds
1337: Power of Attorney
2703: Service of Summons
2717: Change of Name
2746: Court Costs and Fees
3101: Marriage
3107: Adoption
3111: Parentage
3307: State Teachers Retirement System
3705: Vital Statistics
5101: Department of Job and Family Services — General Provisions
5103: Placement of Children
5119: Department of Mental Health
5122: Hospitalization of Mentally Ill
5123: Department of Developmental Disabilities
5126: County Boards of Developmental Disabilities
5302: Statutory Forms of Land Conveyance
5305: Dower
5563: Appeals in County Road Cases
5731: Estate Tax
5905: Veterans’ Guardianship Law
6117: Sewer Districts; County Sewers

Selected Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio