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North Carolina Prima Facie Tort Manual

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Print Book :Hardbound, 600 pages
7th Edition
ISBN: 9781522133407
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7th Edition
ISBN: 9781522133414
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7th Edition
ISBN: 9781522133414
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"An excellent resource. The best place to begin your research when considering a tort claim." — David C. Pishko, NC Advocates for Justice President (2009-2010)
The North Carolina Prima Facie Tort Manual is a quick reference guide to the elements and case law of every recognized tort in North Carolina, including Automobile Negligence, Fraud, Medical Malpractice, and Wrongful Death claims. This bestselling resource shares valuable information on parties including agency, piercing the corporate veil, conspiracy, compensatory and punitive damages, and the statutes of limitations on all torts.
Edited by Robert M. Elliot, a leading attorney and NCAJ member, the Seventh Edition is completely updated, included a fully revised succinct, detailed outline of NC Products Law. The Manual includes a user-friendly index.  

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Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1  Parties, Damages, and Statutes of Limitations
CHAPTER 2  Abuse of Process
CHAPTER 3  Alienation of Affections
CHAPTER 4  Animals: Liability for Damages Caused by Domestic Animals
CHAPTER 5  Assault and Battery
CHAPTER 6  [Wrongful] Attachment
CHAPTER 7  Automobile Negligence
CHAPTER 8  Aviation
CHAPTER 9  Bailment
CHAPTER 10  Criminal Conversation
CHAPTER 11  Electricity: Power Company’s Liability for Damage Caused by Electricity
CHAPTER 12  False Imprisonment
CHAPTER 13  Fraud, Constructive Fraud, and Negligent Misrepresentation
CHAPTER 14  Infliction of Emotional Distress
CHAPTER 15  Interference with Contractual Relations
CHAPTER 16  Libel and Slander
CHAPTER 17  Malicious Prosecution
CHAPTER 18  Malpractice—Legal
CHAPTER 19  Malpractice—Medical
CHAPTER 20  Malpractice—Professional
CHAPTER 21  Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
CHAPTER 22  Nuisance
CHAPTER 23  Premises Liability
CHAPTER 24  Products Liability
CHAPTER 25  Seduction
CHAPTER 26  State Tort Claims Act
CHAPTER 27  Trespass to Realty and Trespass to Try Title
CHAPTER 28  Trover and Conversion
CHAPTER 29  Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices
CHAPTER 30  Woodson Claims: Employer's Intentional Tort Exception to Exclusive
                                 Remedy Provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act

CHAPTER 31  Wrongful Death
CHAPTER 32  Wrongful Discharge