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North Carolina Civil Procedure

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Print Book :2 volumes, hardbound, with current supplement
3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781422421734
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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9780327169475
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3rd Edition
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North Carolina Civil Procedure, Third Edition is a comprehensive guide for the practitioner. It covers every step of a lawsuit from filing to conclusion. The text of each of North Carolina's Rules appears in full, with accompanying analysis by the author, and the relevant case law applying and interpreting the Rules. Mr. Wilson reviews the history and construction of the Rules, and reveals the logical thread running through them. Like the original, the Third Edition is conveniently organized for quick access in the courtroom, with each chapter discussing the correspondingly numbered Rule.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Scope of Rules
Chapter 2 One Form of Action
Chapter 3 Commencement of Action
Chapter 4 Process
Chapter 5 Service and Filing of Pleadings and Other Papers
Chapter 6 Time
Chapter 7 Pleadings Allowed; Forms of Motions
Chapter 8 General Rules of Pleadings
Chapter 9 Pleading Special Matters
Chapter 10 Form of Pleadings
Chapter 11 Signing and Verification of Pleadings
Chapter 12 Defendants and Objections - When and How Presented - By Pleading or Motion - Motion for Judgment on Pleading
Chapter 13 Counterclaim and Crossclaim
Chapter 14 Third-Party Practice
Chapter 15 Amended and Supplemental Pleadings
Chapter 16 Pre-Trial Procedure; Formulating Issues
Chapter 17 Parties Plaintiff and Defendant; Capacity
Chapter 18 Joinder of Claims and Remedies
Chapter 19 Necessary Joinder of Parties
Chapter 20 Permissive Joinder of Parties
Chapter 21 Procedure Upon Misjoinder and Nonjoinder
Chapter 22 Interpleader
Chapter 23 Class Actions
Chapter 24 Intervention
Chapter 25 Substitution of Parties Upon Death, Incompetency or Transfer of Interest; Abatement
Chapter 26 General Provisions Governing Discovery
Chapter 27 Depositions Before Action or Pending Appeal
Chapter 28 Persons Before Whom Deposition May Be Taken
Chapter 29 Stipulations Regarding Discovery Procedure
Chapter 30 Depositions Upon Oral Examination
Chapter 31 Depositions Upon Written Examinations
Chapter 32 Use of Depositions in Court Proceedings
Chapter 33 Interrogatories to Parties
Chapter 34 Production of Documents and Things and Entry Upon Land for Inspection and Other Purposes
Chapter 35 Physical and Mental Examinations of Persons
Chapter 36 Requests for Admission
Chapter 37 Failure to Make Discovery; Sanctions
Chapter 38 Jury Trial of Right
Chapter 39 Trial By Jury or By the Court
Chapter 40 Assignment Of Cases For Trial; Continuances
Chapter 41 Dismissal Of Actions
Chapter 42 Consolidation; Separate Trials
Chapter 43 Evidence
Chapter 44 Proof Of Official Record
Chapter 45 Subpoena
Chapter 46 Objections And Exceptions
Chapter 47 Jurors
Chapter 48 Juries Of Less Than Twelve -- Majority Verdict
Chapter 49 Verdicts
Chapter 50 Motion For A Directed Verdict And For Judgment
Notwithstanding The Verdict.
Chapter 50 Motion For A Directed Verdict And For
Judgment Notwithstanding The Verdict
Chapter 51 Instructions To Jury
Chapter 52 Findings By The Court
Chapter 53 Referees
Chapter 54 Judgments
Chapter 55. Default
Chapter 56 Summary Judgment
Chapter 57 Declaratory Judgments
Chapter 58 Entry Of Judgment
Chapter 59 New Trials; Amendment Of Judgments
Chapter 60 Relief From Judgment Or Order
Chapter 61 Harmless Error
Chapter 62 Stay Of Proceedings To Enforce A Judgment
Chapter 63 Disability Of A Judge
Chapter 64 Seizure Of Person Or Property
Chapter 65 Injunctions
Chapter 68 Offer Of Judgment And Disclaimer
Chapter 68.1 Confession Of Judgment
Chapter 68 Offer Of Judgment And Disclaimer
Chapter 70 Judgment For Specific Acts; Vesting Title
Chapter 84 Forms
Chapter 85 Personal Jurisdiction
Chapter 86 Venue.
Chapter 87 Statutes Of Limitation And Repose
Chapter 88 Res Judicata