New York Motion Practice Handbook & Forms

By Daniel A. Cohen
Publisher: ALM

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2021 Edition
ISBN: 9781588524324
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2021 Edition
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New York Motion Practice Handbook & Forms identifies the statutory provisions governing various types of motions and the key decisions that interpret them. The book addresses some topics that do not generally receive discussion in a CPLR treatise, such as the main substantive provisions of the Statute of Frauds, common law tolling doctrines, and grounds to disqualify counsel or for recusal of a judge. The book includes discussions of: Motion to Dismiss, Disclosure Motions, Provisional Remedies, Motions Concerning Parties, Miscellaneous Pretrial Motions, Summary Dispositions, Trial Motions, and Motions to the Appellate Courts. Cohen not only describes the mechanics of making the motions, but the legal grounds underpinning them as well.

Included are 80+ forms.

This new edition contains a new chapter on special proceedings.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Motion Practice
Chapter 2: How to Make a Motion
Chapter 3: Motion to Dismiss
Chapter 4: Disclosure Motions
Chapter 5: Provisional Remedies
Chapter 6: Motions Concerning Parties
Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Pretrial Motions
Chapter 8: Summary Dispositions
Chapter 9: Trial Motions
Chapter 10: Motions to the Appellate Courts
Chapter 11: Arbitration
Chapter 12: Special Proceedings