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New York Intellectual Property Law

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Print Book :1 volume, softbound, updated annually
2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522123415
Published: December 30, 2013
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eBook :epub
2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522123422
Published: December 30, 2013
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A one-stop reference to the New York and federal statutes and NYCRR regulations governing intellectual property matters.

In one convenient volume, you'll find:
•  An introductory chapter that clarifies complex statutes and explains the interplay of state and federal law
•  The complete text of applicable New York statutes and regulations as well as the federal statutes
•  Expert practice commentary accompanying key provisions of the law
•  Helpful checklists alerting you to all statutes and regulations impacting on a specific issue
•  Sample agreements and litigation forms

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction to Intellectual Property Law 
II. New York Practice Comments
III. Statutory Checklist
IV. New York Statutes
V. Appendix: New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Provisions
VI. Appendix: Constitutional Provisions and Federal Statutes
VII. Appendix: Forms
VIII. Index