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New York Fire District Officers' Guide

Publisher: James Publishing

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ISBN: 9781945421631
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New York Fire District Officer's Guide

OSHA requirements, bond issuance regulation, reserve fund rules, election procedures and forms—any one of these requirements could cause legal trouble for your fire district. An inexpensive solution is New York Fire District Officer's Guide, written by Raymond S. DiRaddo. This helpful guide includes: (1) more than 260 forms and resolutions; and (2) quick answers to your day-to-day operating and legal questions such as officers' functions and duties, formation and operation, personnel, financial, and contracts. New York Fire District Officers' GuideĀ also explains how to remain in compliance while performing all your management duties, including election, bond issues, insurances, and more.

Administering a fire district continues to grow more difficult. This guide leads you step-by-step through the administrative pitfalls, and will help your fire district run efficiently, solve management problems, and meet its legal obligations.

Table of Contents

Fire District Officers
Organizational Meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners
Fire District Elections (Including Absentee Ballots)
Functions and Duties of Treasurers and Secretaries
Operations of Fire Districts
Budget Preparation
Bond Issues, Bond Anticipation Notes, Revolving Loan Fund and Capital Reserve Funds
Public Bidding and Contracts
Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)
Audit of Claims
Access to Fire District Records and Record Keeping
Membership in Volunteer Fire Departments
Motivation and Management
New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA)
Fire Police Squads, Emergency Relief Squads and Specialized Teams
Ambulance Service
Public Relations
Labor Relations
Disciplinary Procedures
The Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit Law
Paid Firefighters
Fire Protection Districts
Village Fire Departments
Foreign Fire Insurance Moneys—2% Money
Creation of Joint Fire Districts in Towns and Villages
Emergency Response Plans
Municipal Cooperative Agreements