New York Criminal Practice

For pricing and more information on this title, call us at 1-877-394-8826. Discounts may be available to customers that subscribe to both online research and print products. New York Criminal Practice, Second Edition provides unparalleled treatment of New York's substantive and procedural criminal law-from arraignment to appeals.

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Print Book:8 looseleaf volumes, updated twice yearly
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780820569635
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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781422486177
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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781422486177
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New York Criminal Practice, Second Edition provides unparalleled treatment of New York's substantive and procedural criminal law-from arraignment to appeals. This set offers in-depth coverage of specific penal law offenses and available defenses, pre-trial and trial procedure, sentencing requirements, and criminal appeals, with over 300 sample forms.

New York Criminal Practice, Second Edition is procedurally organized starting with an analysis of the criminal process and ending with discussions of discrete Penal Law Offenses and updated three times a year, under the supervision of a six-member Editorial Board, with chapters prepared by seasoned experts on New York criminal law. During 2005, New York Criminal Practice, Second Edition was substantially revised and reorganized adding new sections on cutting-edge New York criminal topics such as changes to the Rockefeller sentencing laws, and also adding descriptive section headings and a new numbering system for more efficient location of relevant materials.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Overview of Criminal Practice in New York
Chapter 2 Jurisdiction of Criminal Courts
Chapter 3 Local Criminal Courts
Chapter 4 Local Criminal Court Accusatory Instruments
Appendix 4A Forms
Chapter 5 Indictments and Superior Court Informations
Appendix 5A Forms
Chapter 6 Warrants of Arrest and Summonses; Local Criminal Courts and Superior Courts
Appendix 6A Forms
Chapter 7 Securing Attendance of Defendants for Arraignment and Prosecution
Appendix 7A Forms
Chapter 8 Juvenile Offender Proceedings
Appendix 8A Forms
Chapter 9 Local Criminal Court Arraignment and Related Issues
Appendix 9A Forms
Chapter 10 Preliminary Hearing
Appendix 10A Forms
Chapter 11 Grand Jury
Appendix 11A Forms
Chapter 12 Superior Court Arraignment
Chapter 13 Bail, Recognizance and Commitment
Appendix 13A Forms
Chapter 14 Mental Disease or Defect Precluding Fitness to Proceed
Appendix 14A Forms

Chapter 15 Omnibus Motions
Chapter 16 Motions to Dismiss Indictment
Appendix 16A Forms
Chapter 17 Discovery and Bills of Particular
Appendix 17A Forms
Chapter 18 Motion to Suppress Evidence
Appendix 18A Forms
Chapter 19 Warrantless Arrests
Chapter 20 Searches and Seizures
Chapter 21 Search Warrants
Appendix 21A Forms
Chapter 22 Electronic Eavesdropping
Appendix 22A Forms
Chapter 23 Confessions
Appendix 23A Forms
Chapter 24 Identification Evidence
Appendix 24A Forms

Chapter 25 Removal and Change Of Venue
Appendix 25A Forms
Chapter 26 Speedy Trial
Appendix 26A Forms
Chapter 27 Public Trial
Chapter 28 Jury and Non-Jury Trials
Appendix 28A Forms
Chapter 29 Formation and Conduct of Trial Jury
Appendix 29A Forms
Chapter 30 Trial Strategy
Appendix 30A Forms
Chapter 31 Securing Attendance of Non-Prisoner Witnesses
Appendix 31A Forms
Chapter 32 Production As Witnesses of Prisoners and Persons Confined Inside and Outside New York State
Appendix 32A Forms
Chapter 33 Evidence
Appendix 33A Forms
Chapter 34 Privileged Communications
Chapter 35 Implications of Co-Conspirators Exception of Hearsay Rule
Chapter 36 Testimony
Appendix 36A Forms
Chapter 37 Mistrial And Trial Order of Dismissal
Appendix 37A Forms
Chapter 38 Jury Instructions
Appendix 38A Forms
Chapter 39 Jury Deliberation and Verdict

Chapter 40 Proceedings from Verdict to Sentence
Chapter 41 Pre-Sentence Reports and Proceedings
Appendix 41A Forms
Chapter 42 Classification of Offenses, Authorized Dispositions and Punishment
Appendix 42A List of Violent Felony Offenses (Penal Law § 70.02)
Appendix 42B Specified Eligible Offenses for Parole Supervision
Appendix 42C Possible Sentences for Felony Drug Offenders
Appendix 42D Specified Offenses to Which Hate Crime Law Applies (Penal Law § 485.05(3))
Appendix 42E Forms
Chapter 43 Post-Judgment Motions
Appendix 43A Forms
Chapter 44 Appeals
Appendix 44A Forms
Chapter 45 Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime
Chapter 46 Pardon and Related Acts of Clemency
Appendix 46A Forms
Chapter 47 State Habeas Corpus
Appendix 47A Forms
Chapter 48 Federal Habeas Corpus
Appendix 48A Forms

Chapter 49 Criminal Liability, Culpability and Capacity
Chapter 50 Immunity from Prosecution and Statute of Limitations
Appendix 50A Forms
Chapter 51 Acting In Concert and Other Issues of Joint Liability
Chapter 52 General Defenses
Chapter 53 Defenses of Mental Disease or Defect and Post-Judgment Procedures
Chapter 54 Defense of Justification
Chapter 55 Double Jeopardy

Chapter 56 Attempt, Solicitation, Conspiracy and Facilitation
Chapter 57 Assault and Related Offenses
Chapter 58 Homicide and Abortion
Chapter 59 Sex Offenses and Offenses Against Marriage
Chapter 60 Kidnapping, Coercion and Custodial Interference
Chapter 61 Burglary and Criminal Trespass
Chapter 62 Criminal Mischief and Related Offenses
Chapter 63 Arson
Chapter 64 Larceny
Chapter 65 Robbery
Chapter 66 Other Offenses Related to Theft, Computer Crimes and Trademark Counterfeiting

Chapter 67 Forgery and False Written Statements
Chapter 68 Fraudulent Schemes and Loansharking
Chapter 69 Bribery Not Involving Public Servants and Related Offenses
Chapter 70 Bribery—Public Servants
Chapter 71 Official Misconduct and Obstruction Of Government Operations
Chapter 72 Escape and Other Offenses Relating to Custody
Chapter 73 Perjury and Related Offenses
Chapter 74 Offenses Relating to Judicial and Other Proceedings
Chapter 75 Controlled Substances Offenses and Marijuana Offenses
Chapter 76 Gambling Related Offenses
Chapter 77 Prostitution and Offenses Against Public Sensibilities
Chapter 78 Indecent Materials to Minors
Chapter 79 Offenses Against Right to Privacy
Chapter 80 Offenses Against Public Order
Chapter 81 Offenses Specifically Relating to Children and Incompetents
Chapter 82 Firearms and Other Dangerous Weapons Offenses
Chapter 83 Fireworks and Other Offenses Relating to Public Safety
Chapter 84 Enterprise Corruption, Money Laundering, Insurance Fraud and Martin Act
Chapter 85 Vehicle and Traffic Law and Other Miscellaneous Offenses
Chapter 86 Professional Responsibility