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New York Commercial Litigation Guide provides in one place an overview of the causes of action commonly employed in commercial disputes, the elements of these common types of commercial causes of action under New York state law and the corresponding defenses. New York Commercial Litigation Guide is designed to help the practitioner to quickly and efficiently see "big picture" case theory, identify relevant commercial causes of action under New York law, save countless research hours and avoid common pitfalls.

This practical, task-oriented guide to the various topics in commercial litigation clearly explains how to analyze, resolve, and/or litigate the issues that can arise at every stage of a commercial dispute, from the basic corporate structures to complex questions of law, evidentiary matters, procedure and strategy. New York Commercial Litigation Guide provides easily accessed, proven, authoritative to-the-point practice guidance, enhanced by the following features:

    • Over 60 task-oriented checklists
    • Over 150 strategic points, warnings, and timing tips to prevent practice missteps
    • Targeted cross-references to specific state and federal legislation and sources detailing the features of topics such as corporate governance, business torts, and lender liability.
Distilling years of experience from distinguished New York commercial law practitioners, New York Commercial Litigation Guide is a reliable roadmap through the complex and multi-faceted practice area of commercial litigation.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Introducing New York Commercial Litigation

Chapter 2  Understanding Corporate Litigation in New York

Chapter 3   Understanding Limited Liability Companies

Chapter 4   Understanding Limited Partnerships

Chapter 5   Understanding the General Partnership

Chapter 6   Arbitrating Claims

Chapter 7   Litigating Fraud and Contract Claims

Chapter 8   Interpreting and Construing Contracts

Chapter 9   Litigating Breaches of Contract

Chapter 10   Seeking Contract Remedies

Chapter 11   Asserting Defenses in Contract Actions

Chapter 12   Understanding Agency and Third-Party Beneficiaries

Chapter 13   Litigating Disputes Under Articles 2 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code

Chapter 14   Analyzing Business Torts

Chapter 15   Understanding Business Fraud

Chapter 16   Analyzing Unfair Competition Claims

Chapter 17   Understanding Lender Liability and Usury

Chapter 18   Litigating Fraudulent Conveyance Claims

Chapter 19   Litigating Antitrust Claims Under The Donnelly Act

Chapter 20   Evaluating Claims Against Professionals

Chapter 21   Reviewing Electronic Data, Electronic Commerce and Internet Law