New York Civil Practice: EPTL

This publication features the substantive law of wills, trusts, family rights, perpetuities, accumulations, fiduciaries' powers, and powers of appointment.

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Print Book:7 volumes, looseleaf, updated with revisions
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•  The substantive law of wills, trusts, family rights, perpetuities,accumulations, fiduciaries' powers, powers of appointment, and charitable trusts

•  Analysis of the law including legislative history, underlying studies of the Temporary Commission on Estates, and Revisers' Notes

•  Case law developments and statutory amendments, fully analyzed

•  Arranged by EPTL section for ease of use

•  Derivation of each EPTL section; EPTL annual amendment Note Sheets; cross-references to and discussion of other laws affecting the operation of the EPTL; fast-action index

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Table of contents


ARTICLE 1 General Provisions

PART 1 Short Title; How Cited; References; Severability; Application

PART 2 Definitions

ARTICLE 2 Rules Governing Dispositions Subject To This Law

PART 1 Substantive Rules Governing Dispositions


ARTICLE 3 Substantive Law Of Wills

PART 1 Who May Make And Receive Testamentary Dispositions Of Property; What Property May Be Disposed Of By Will

PART 2 Execution Of Wills

PART 3 Rules Governing Testamentary Dispositions

PART 4 Revocation Of Wills And Related Subjects

PART 5 Rules Governing Wills Having Relation To Another Jurisdiction

APPENDIX 3-I Construction Of Wills

ARTICLE 4 Descent And Distribution Of An Intestate Estate

PART 1 RULES Governing Intestate Succession


ARTICLE 5 Family Rights

PART 1 Rights Of Surviving Spouse

PART 2 [Reserved]

PART 3 Rights Of Family Unit

PART 4 Rights Of Members Of Family Resulting From Wrongful Act, Neglect Or Default Causing Death Of Decedent


ARTICLE 6 Classification, Creation, Definition Of, And Rules Governing Estates In Property

PART 1 Estates Classified As To Duration

PART 2 Estates Classified As To Number Of Persons

PART 3 Estates Classified As To Time Of Enjoyment And Creation

PART 4 Estates Defined

PART 5 Rules Governing Future Estates

PART 6 Disposition Of Community Property Rights At Death

ARTICLE 7 Trusts

PART 1 Rules Governing Trusts

PART 2 Rules Governing Trustees

PART 3 Rights Of Purchasers, Creditors And Other Persons

PART 4 Gifts To Minors

PART 5 Bank Accounts In Trust Form

PART 6 Uniform Transfers To Minors Act

PART 7 Child Performer Trust Account

PART 8 Trusts For Pets


ARTICLE 8 Charitable Trusts

PART 1 Rules Governing Charitable Trusts

ARTICLE 9 Perpetuities And Accumulations

PART 1 Perpetuities

PART 2 Accumulations

ARTICLE 10 Powers

PART 1 Common Law Of Powers Established With Exceptions

PART 2 Definitions

PART 3 Varieties Of Powers

PART 4 Creation Of A Power Of Appointment

PART 5 Extent Of Donee's Authority To Appoint Or Contract To Appoint An Estate In Appointive Property

PART 6 Rules Governing Exercise Of A Power Of Appointment

PART 7 Rights Of Creditors In Appointive Property

PART 8 Rule Against Perpetuities And Accumulations As Affected By Powers Of Appointment

PART 9 Revocation And Release Of A Power Of Appointment

PART 10 Provisions Affecting Powers Other Than Power Of Appointment


ARTICLE 11 Fiduciary: Powers, Duties And Limitations; Actions By Or Against In Representative Or Individual Capacities

PART 1 Fiduciaries: Powers, Duties And Limitations

PART 2 Investments By Fiduciaries: Powers And Duties Relating Thereto Powers Of Fiduciary

PART 3 Actions By Or Against Personal Representatives

PART 4 Procedural Aspects Of Action By Or Against Personal Representatives

ARTICLE 11-A Uniform Principal And Income Act

PART 1 Definitions And Fiduciary Duties

PART 2 Decedent's Estate Or Terminating Income Interest

PART 3 Apportionment At Beginning And End Of Income Interest

PART 4 Allocation Of Receipts During Administration Of Trust

PART 5 Allocation Of Disbursements During Administration Of Trust

PART 6 Miscellaneous Provisions


ARTICLE 12 Actions By Creditors And Other Persons Against Distributees And Testamentary Beneficiaries

PART 1 Liability Of Distributees And Testamentary Beneficiaries And Action

PART 2 Rules Governing Action To Enforce Liability

ARTICLE 13 Other Provisions Affecting Estates

PART 1 Assets Of Decedent's Estate

PART 2 Statute Of Frauds Requirements

PART 3 Miscellaneous Provisions

PART 4 Transfer-On-Death Security Registration

ARTICLE 14 Repealer; Derivation And Distribution Tables; Effective Date

PART 1 Laws Repealed By This Chapter

PART 2 Distribution Tables

PART 3 Effective Date

APPENDIX A Decedent Estate Law (Former)