New Jersey Tax Handbook

New Jersey Tax Handbook is a primer on taxes and the law.
Publisher: ALM

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2022 Edition
ISBN: 9781588525765
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2022 Edition
ISBN: 9781588525840
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New Jersey Tax Handbook is a primer on taxes and the law.

Chapters include:

•  General Administrative Provisions for New Jersey State Taxes

•  Gross Income Tax

•  New Jersey Sales and Use Tax

•  New Jersey Property Taxation

•  New Jersey Corporation Business Tax

•  The Corporation Income Tax

•  Inheritance and Estate Tax

•  Environmental Taxes

•  Unclaimed Property

•  Procedures, Protests & appeals

•  Environmental Taxes

•  Taxes in Brief

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: General Administrative Provision For New Jersey State Taxes
Chapter 2: Gross Income Tax
Chapter 3: New Jersey Sales and Use Tax Jersey State
Chapter 4: New Jersey Property Taxation
Chapter 5: New Jersey Corporation Business Tax
Chapter 6: The Corporation Income Tax
Chapter 7: Inheritance and Estate Tax
Chapter 8: Environmental Taxes
Chapter 9: Unclaimed Property
Chapter 10: Procedures, Protests & Appeals
Chapter 11: Taxes in Brief