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New Jersey Real Estate Forms

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This work provides a starting place for documenting real estate transactions in New Jersey. It lays out the details of transactions in a clear, concise format. You'll review and increase your understanding of: Brokerage Agreements, Agreements Relating to Sales, Closing Documents, Improvements to Real Property, Easements, Discharges, Postponements and Releases, Financing, Real Estate Creditor's Remedies, Security Agreements, and more. The authors are New Jersey attorneys who handle the full range of real estate transactions daily. They know which detailed facts and sample forms are important for you to have. And now with these convenient forms on disc, you can modify, customize, personalize, and produce your documents in a fraction of the time it used to take you.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Volume 1


1 Agreements Relating to Sale of Real Property

1.1 Practice Considerations

1.2 Agreements of Sale-Residential

1.3 Agreements of Sale-Commercial

1.4 Right of First Refusal

1.5 Like Kind Exchange Agreement

1.6 Flood Certificate

1.7 Internal Revenue Service Reporting and Withholding

1.8 Escrow Agent Provisions

1.9 Letter of Intent

1.10 Land Transfer Contract Checklist

1.11 Development Project Checklist


2 Miscellaneous Matters

2.1 Practice Considerations

2.2 Deeds and Instruments Regarding Conveyance-General

2.3 Affidavits-General

2.4 Acknowledgments

2.5 Assignments of Mortgage

2.6 Corporate and Partnership Authorizations

2.7 Closing Statements and Related Matters-General

2.8 Financing Statements-General

2.9 Discharges, Postponements, Releases-General

2.10 Miscellaneous

Volume 2


3 Financing of Real Property

3.1 Practice Considerations

3.2 Residential

3.3 Commercial

3.4 Miscellaneous