New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide

By Kenneth Del Vecchio
Publisher: ALM

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2022 Edition
ISBN: 9781588526090
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2022 Edition
ISBN: 9781588526991
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A must-have for law enforcement personnel, and applicants taking highly competitive promotional exams.

"The book is drawing note for its use of fiction to illustrate how state statutes apply to real-life situations. Call it Criminal Statutes for Dummies.... George Thomas, a professor at Rutgers Law School in Newark, said the book fills a void. ’No other book,’ he said, ’attempts to show how the statutes are used in practice. To be honest,’ he added, 'I’m jealous that I didn't come up with the idea myself.'" New York Times, July 18, 2004

New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice deciphers and explains the criminal statutes to law enforcement personnel, lawyers, and lay people. The book makes the criminal code more accessible with fact patterns and a common word index. Since its original publication in 2004, Del Vecchio's book has become a staple in police academies, municipal offices, police stations, public libraries, and even squad cars. The book is quickly becoming a must-have for law enforcement applicants taking highly competitive promotional exams. This book contains Title 2C, New Jersey's Code of Criminal Justice and Title 39, New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Statutes.

Online interactive practice test included with purchase! Test your knowledge with the online companion quiz. The test scores your results, and reviews correct answers to enhance your study.

The legislature added and amended many Title 39 statutes as well, including the use of cell phones and other electronic devices in moving vehicles, and the display of veteran status on a driver’s license.

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Table of contents

Subtitle 1. General Provisions
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Liability
Chapter 3. Defenses
Chapter 4. Competency
Chapter 5. Inchoate Offenses
Chapter 6. Minor Offenses
Chapter 7. Procedures Following Release of Sex Offenders

Subtitle 2. Specific Offenses
Part 1. Offenses Against the Person

Chapter 11. Homicide
Chapter 11A. Human Cloning
Chapter 12. Assault; Threats; Stalking
Chapter 13. Kidnapping; Coercion
Chapter 14. Sexual Offenses
Chapter 15. Robbery; Carjacking
Chapter 16. Bias Intimidation

Part 2. Offenses Against Property
Chapter 17. Arson, Criminal Mischief, and Other Property Destruction
Chapter 18. Burglary
Chapter 20. Theft
Chapter 21. Forgery and Fraudulent Offenses
Chapter 22. Desecration of Human Remains

Part 3. Offenses Against Other Persons
Chapter 24. Offenses Against Spouse, Children, Elderly and Incompetents
Chapter 25. Domestic Violence

Part 4. Offenses Involving Public Administration Officials
Chapter 27. Bribery and Corruption
Chapter 28. Perjury and Falsification to Authorities
Chapter 29. Obstruction of Justice; Escapes
Chapter 30. Official Misconduct

Part 5. Offenses Against the Public; Public Order, Health and Decency
Chapter 33. Riot; Disorderly Conduct
Chapter 34. Obscenity and Indecency
Chapter 35. Controlled Substances
Chapter 35A. Drug Profiteering
Chapter 35B. Drug Dealer Liability
Chapter 36. Drug Paraphernalia
Chapter 36A. First Offenders
Chapter 37. Gambling Offenses
Chapter 38. September 11th, 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act
Chapter 39. Weapons
Chapter 40. Offenses Endangering Public Safety
Chapter 40A. Employer Offenses; Solicitation of Professional Employment in Accident and Disaster Cases

Part 6. Organized Crime and Related Offenses Part 6. Organized Crime and Related Offenses
Chapter 41. Racketeering

Subtitle 3. Sentencing
Chapter 43. General Provisions
Chapter 44. Authority of Court
Chapter 45. Suspension; Probation
Chapter 46. Fines and Restitution
Chapter 47. Adult Treatment Center
Chapter 48. Criminal Disposition Commission
Chapter 48A. Criminal Sentencing and Disposition Commission
Chapter 48B. Racial and Ethnic Disparity
Chapter 49. Capital Punishment
Chapter 51. Limitations of Rights
Chapter 52. Expungement
Chapter 58. Possession of Firearms; Licensing
Chapter 62. Willful Nonsupport
Chapter 64. Forfeiture and Seizure of Property
Chapter 65. Disposition of Stolen Property
Chapter 66. Freezing Funds and Assets Related to Terrorism
Chapter 98. Construction; Repealer; Allocation; Effective Date
Chapter 104. Material Witnesses

Title 39
Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulation

Subtitle 1. Motor Vehicles Generally; Traffic Laws

Chapter 1. Definitions
Chapter 2. Department of Motor Vehicles; Commissioner; Officers and Employees
Chapter 2A. New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
Chapter 3. Motor Vehicles Generally
Chapter 3A. Miscellaneous Regulations
Chapter 3B. School Bus Regulation
Chapter 3C. Snowmobile, All-Terrain Vehicle and Dirt Bike Regulation
Chapter 4. Motor Vehicle Traffic Regulation
Chapter 5. Enforcement
Chapter 5A. Highways Owned By Public or Semipublic Corporations
Chapter 5B. Transporting Hazardous Materials
Chapter 5C. Racing on Highways Prohibited
Chapter 5D. Driver License Compact
Chapter 5F. Nonresident Violator Compact
Chapter 5G. Penalties for Violations of Limousine Laws; Chauffeur Endorsement
Chapter 5H. Transportation Network Companies

Subtitle 2. Additional Motor Vehicle Regulations
Chapter 6. Security; Claims; Financial Responsibility
Chapter 6A. No Fault Insurance; Reparation Reform
Chapter 6B. Liability Insurance Required
Chapter 7. Service of Process on Nonresident Drivers
Chapter 8. Motor Vehicle Inspection
Chapter 9. Commercial Vehicles; Hours of Service Law
Chapter 10. Motor Vehicle Certificate of Ownership Law
Chapter 10A. Claiming Abandoned Vehicles
Chapter 10B. Motor Vehicle Component Parts
Chapter 11. Motor Vehicle Junk Law
Chapter 12. Driver Education
Chapter 13. Auto Body Repair Facilities
Chapter 14. Motor Carrier Transportation Contracts