New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated

Easy to use and affordable to own, New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated is the cornerstone of any New Hampshire research library.

Publisher: Michie
Print Book :34 volumes, hardbound set
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ISBN: 9780327140894
Publisher: Michie
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Product description

Easy to use and affordable to own, New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated full set brings you authoritative coverage of New Hampshire law. This set includes:

  • 34 volumes plus current cumulative supplement
  • Fully annotated coverage of the New Hampshire Revised Statutes
  • Comprehensive index, replaced annually
  • Fully annotated cumulative supplements published annually within 90 days of receipt of all acts from the legislature
  • Annotations include:
  • All New Hampshire cases
  • Federal cases arising in New Hampshire
  • Relevant articles from law reviews and bar journals
  • ALR
  • Treatises and practice guides
  • All case citations Shepardized® for accuracy

LexisNexis also provides a New Hampshire Advance Code Service (ACS) at affordable prices. The ACS is published three times a year, providing annotations to the most current case law.


Table of contents

Volume 1 Const., T. 1 (ch. 1-13) Constitutions

Volume 2 T. 1 pt. 2 (ch. 14-21-U) The State and Its Government

Volume 3 T. 2, 3 (ch. 22-40-A) Counties, Towns, and Cities

Volume 4 T. 3-5 (ch. 41-90) Towns and Cities to Taxation

Volume 5 T. 6-9 (ch. 91-124-A) Public Officers & Employees to Acquisition of Lands by U.S.

Volume 6 T. 10 (ch. 125-142-A) Public Health to Hospitals and Sanitaria

Volume 7 T. 10, 11 (ch. 143-152) Public Health to Hospitals and Sanitaria

Volume 8 T. 12 (ch. 153-168) Public Safety and Welfare

Volume 9 T. 12-14 (ch. 168-A-185) Public Safety and Welfare to Milk and Milk Products

Volume 10 T. 15, 16 (ch. 186-202-B) Education and Libraries

Volume 11 T. 17-19-A (ch. 203-227-M) Housing and Redevelopment to Forestry

Volume 12 T. 20 (ch. 228-240) Transportation

Volume 13 T. 21 (ch. 259-269) Motor Vehicle

Volume 14 T. 22, 23 (ch. 270-283) Navigation and Harbors and Labor

Volume 15 T. 24-27 (ch. 284-303) Games and Amusements to Corporations and Associations

Volume 16 T. 28-30 (ch. 304-318) Partnerships to Occupations and Professions

Volume 17 T. 30 (ch. 318-A-332-K) Occupations and Professions

Volume 18 T. 31 (ch. 333-359-P) Trade and Commerce

Volume 19 T. 32-34 (ch. 360-382) Chattel Mortgages to Public Utilities

Volume 20 T. 34-A, (Arts. 1-4) Uniform Commercial Code

Volume 21 T. 34-A, (Arts. 4A-9) Uniform Commercial Code

Volume 22 T. 35, 36 (ch. 383-399-G) Banks and Banking

Volume 23 T37 (ch. 400-406-C) Insurance
Volume 24 T. 37, 38 (ch. 407-421-B) Insurance and Securities

Volume 25 T. 39-41 (ch. 422-454-C) Aeronautics to Liens

Volume 26 T. 42-47 (ch. 455-476) Notaries to Boundaries, Fences & Common Fields

Volume 27 T. 48-50 (ch. 477-489-C) Conveyances to Water Management and Protection

Volume 28 T. 51, 52 (ch. 490-513) Courts and Actions, Process and Service of Process

Volume 29 T. 53-55 (ch. 514-546-B Proceedings in Court to Proceedings in Special Cases

Volume 30 T. 56 (ch.547-567-A) Probate Courts and Decedents' Estates

Volume 31 T. 57-61 (ch. 568-624) Insolvency Proceedings to Acts Repealed

Volume 32 T. 62 (ch. 625-651-F) Criminal Code

Volume 33 T. 63, 64 (ch. 652-678) Elections and Planning and Zoning

Volume 34 Tables Volume

Volume 35 Index Volume