New Hampshire Practice Series: Volumes 1-17 with softbound index and tables volumes

Currently comprised of the following ten titles and a new comprehensive index, we've designed this series to provide complete coverage of selected areas of New Hampshire law.
Publisher: LexisNexis

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Print Book:17 Volumes, hardbound plus softbound index and tables volumes
ISBN: 9780880636797
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Currently comprised of the following ten titles and a new comprehensive index, we've designed this series to provide complete coverage of selected areas of New Hampshire law. This Practice Series provides an essential working reference tool for anyone involved with New Hampshire law. Pocket parts issued as needed to keep titles current. Please see the specific volume title descriptions for individual prices. Individual titles available:

•  Civil Practice and Procedure
•  Criminal Practice and Procedure
•  Family Law
•  Land Use, Planning and Zoning
•  Local Government Law
•  Municipal Finance and Taxation
•  Personal Injury: Tort and Insurance Practice
•  Probate Law and Procedure
•  Real Estate
•  Wills, Trusts and Gifts
•  Consolidated Index

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Table of contents

Volumes 1-2a Criminal Practice And Procedure
Part I. Investigation Of Crime
Part II. Initiation Of Criminal Proceedings
Part VI. Appeal And Postconviction Remedies
Part VII. Interstate Rendition

Volumes 3-3a Family Law
Chapter 1 Premarital Agreements
Chapter 2 Marriage In New Hampshire
Chapter 3 Husband, Wife, And The Ongoing Family
Chapter 4 The Unwed Family
Chapter 5 Domestic Violence
Chapter 6 Child Abuse And Neglect
Chapter 7 Paternity And Illegitimacy
Chapter 8 Termination Of Parental Rights
Chapter 9 Adoption
Chapter 10 Missing Children
Chapter 11 Legal Separation And Separate Maintenance
Chapter 12 Annulment
Chapter 13 Divorce
Chapter 14 Custody
Chapter 15 Interstate Custody Disputes
Chapter 16 Child Support
Chapter 17 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA)
Chapter 18 Alimony
Chapter 19 Property Division
Chapter 20 Change Of Name
Chapter 21 Taxation And Divorce
Chapter 22 Contempt And Other Enforcement Tools
Chapter 23 The Military And The Family
Chapter 24 Divorce And The Guardian Ad Litem
Chapter 25 The Legal System: Courts, Attorneys, And Alternative Dispute Resolution
Appendix I. Forms
Appendix II. Sample Pleadings
Appendix III. Miscellaneous Materials
Subchapter A. General Provisions.
Subchapter B. Application, Training, And Certification
Subchapter A. General Provisions
Subchapter B. Guidelines And Standards Of Practice
Appendix IV. Bibliography

Volumes 4-6 Civil Practice And Procedure
Part I. The Judicial System
Part II. Jurisdiction And Venue
Part III. Parties
Part IV. Pleadings And Motions
Part V. Commencement Of A Civil Action
Part VI. Provisional Remedies
Part VII. Discovery And Depositions
Part VIII. Pretrial Procedure
Part IX. Disposition Without Trial
Part X. Special Proceedings
Part XI. Trial By Nonjudges
Part XII. Trials And Final Hearings
Part XIII. Costs, Interest, Attorneys Fees, Civil Penalties, And Forfeitures
Part XIV. Postverdict Relief
Part XV. Judgments And Executions
Part XVI. Appellate Review
Part XVII. Equity Proceedings
Part XVIII. Administrative Agency Proceedings

Volume 7 Wills, Trusts And Gifts
Part I. Introduction
Part II. Wills
Part III. Will Alternatives
Part IV. Trusts
Part V. Gifts
Part VI. Estate Planning

Volumes 8-9 Personal Injury: Tort And Insurance Practice
Chapter 1 Defamation
Chapter 2 Malicious Criminal Prosecution And Wrongful Civil Proceedings
Chapter 3 Intentional Interference With The Person
Chapter 4 Negligence Generally
Chapter 5 Responsibility For Conduct Of Another
Chapter 6 Liability Of Health Care Providers
Chapter 7 Liability For Service Of Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 8 Products Liability Actions
Chapter 9 Limitations Upon And Bars To The Right To Recover For Personal Injuries
Chapter 10 Survival And Wrongful Death Actions
Chapter 11 Damages
Chapter 12 Contribution And Indemnity
Chapter 13 Statutes Of Limitations
Chapter 14 Nature And Principles Of Insurance Coverage Generally
Chapter 15 The Financial Responsibility Act
Chapter 16 Automobile Liability Policies Generally
Chapter 17 Automobile Medical Payments Coverage
Chapter 18 Uninsured And Under-Insured Motorist Coverage
Chapter 19 Homeowner's Policies
Chapter 20 Insolvency Of Insurance Carriers
Chapter 21 Adjustment Of Claims By Insurance Carriers
Chapter 22 Arbitration
Chapter 23 Settlements
Chapter 24 Releases
Chapter 25 Litigation Of Personal Injury Actions

Volumes 10-12 Probate Law And Procedure
Part I Introduction
Part II. Organization, Jurisdiction And Operation Generally Of Probate Courts
Part III. Administration Of Estates
Part IV. Collecting And Managing The Estate
Part V. Lawsuits By And Against Administrators
Part VI. Insolvent Estates
Part VII. Intestacy: The Law Of Descent And Distribution
Part VIII. Taxation Of Inheritances And Estates
Part IX. Administration Of Trusts
Part X. Protection Of Persons With Disabilities
Part XI. Parent And Child
Part XII. Other Particular Matters

Volumes 13-14a Local Government Law
Part I. General Considerations
Part II. Government Of Cities
Part III. Government Of Towns And Village Districts
Part IV. Public Officials, Employees, And Boards
Part V. Public Records And Meetings
Part VI. Municipal Powers
Part VII. Municipal Liability
Part VIII. Elections

Volume 15 Land Use Planning And Zoning
Part I. Zoning
Part II. Zoning Board Of Adjustment
Part III. Planning Board, Subdivision Approval, And Site Plan Approval
Part IV. Other Controls Affecting Land Use
Appendix Of Forms

Volume 16 Municipal Law And Taxation
Part I. Municipal Finance
Part II. Municipal Taxation
Part III. Roads
Part IV. Appendix Of Forms

Volume 17 Real Estate
Chapter 1 The New Hampshire Legacy Of Real Estate Ownership
Chapter 2 Brokerage
Chapter 3 Conveyances
Chapter 4 Mortgages And Foreclosures
Chapter 5 Deeds
Chapter 6 Recording
Chapter 7 Title Insurance
Chapter 8 Easements, Servitudes, And Adverse Possession
Chapter 9 Leases
Chapter 10 Quieting Title

Consolidated Index

Consolidated Tables