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Music and Copyright authored by Ron Rosen: The highly topical area of copyright law, as applied to music, is widely misunderstood by lawyers, business people, and - perhaps most seriously - the federal judiciary. More than ever, there is a need to understand music infringement issues within the context of copyright litigation. In Music and Copyright, Ron Rosen provides readers with a practical and strategic roadmap to the music-infringement litigation process, beginning with the client's claim or defense and continuing through the selection and use of trial experts, discovery, motion practice, and trial.

Renowned for his expertise and career-long commitment to entertainment, intellectual property, and commercial litigation, Ron Rosen has condensed his experience into an essential guide for anyone involved in music-infringement litigation. Packed with elucidating examples from the author's own practice, Music and Copyright navigates the often thorny terrain between notions of the legal and the musical providing practical advice, case studies, forms, and commentary along the way.


•   In-depth, practical coverage of a music infringement action--from the claim/defense through discovery, motion practice, the selection and use of experts, and trial
•   Written by a highly-respected copyright litigator
•   Packed with elucidating examples from the author's own practice
•   Music and Copyright navigates the often thorny terrain between notions of the legal and the musical providing practical advice, case studies, forms, and commentary along the way


"As someone who has litigated music copyright cases for almost 40 years, I am not aware of any book that even remotely approaches the insight and analysis of Music and Copyright, and I don't know anyone more qualified to opine on this subject than Ron Rosen. This book is an invaluable resource for music copyright litigators, as well as transactional attorneys, advertising agencies, broadcast media, music publishers and record companies, songwriters, agents and managers, law schools and law students, and all others who use music in their businesses or professions."
--Russell J. Frackman, Partner
Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp LLP

"Music and Copyright is a first-rate work combining scholarship, a professional's knowledge of music, and an experienced litigator's shrewd and practical insights into litigating musical copyright infringement cases."
--Paul Goldstein, Lillick Professor of Law Stanford Law School

"Ron Rosen is one of those lucky lawyers who's been able to weave together his work and his passion." -Martin Berg
Daily Journal, Los Angeles

"Blending his years of practical experience in the field with in-depth research allowed Rosen to provide a high-quality text for copyright enthusiasts, practioners, and researchers alike. A detailed table of contents allows readers to go straight to sections of interest, and the index provides quick access to terms and concepts. Pictures of musical bars and document templates make Music & Copyright educational and entertaining at the same time. This book is recommended for all libraries and collections that have a focus or interest in copyright issues."
-Ryan Saltz, Circulation Librarian Florida Coastal School of Law, Jacksonville

"This book contains it all- case law, practical suggestions, sample documents, specialized litigation tips, thorough research, reflected experience and thoughts on new technologies. I think it would only be fair to allege that apart from the fact that this book presents a thorough, exhaustive and very well researched work, it could also be referred to as a bible for US litigators in music and copyright." -Irini Stamatoudi, LL.M, Ph.D, Athens, Greece

"An excellent, if idiosyncratic, book by an eloquent, knowledgeable, music-loving author."
- Alison Firth, Journal of Media Law

"A fascinating and informative book."
--Jeremy Phillips, 1709 Copyright Blog

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 The Copyright Law: An Overview
CHAPTER 2 Remedies
CHAPTER 3 The Basic Elements of Musical Language and Ideas: The Copyright Perspective
CHAPTER 4 Infringement and the Commencement of Litigation
CHAPTER 5 The Importance of the Expert: The Musicological Expert
CHAPTER 6 The Importance of the Expert: The Apportionment Expert
CHAPTER 7 Fair Use--Part One: An Introduction
CHAPTER 8 Fair Use--Part Two: Borrowing, the Art of Parody and Other Exercises in Fair Use
CHAPTER 9 Discovery
CHAPTER 10 Music and Summary Judgment
CHAPTER 11 Copyright and Music in the Courtroom
CHAPTER 12 Music, Copyright and the Impact of New Technology