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Murphy's Will Clauses: Annotations and Forms with Tax Effects

Publisher: Matthew Bender

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ISBN: 9781579117160
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Over 1,400 thoughtfully framed will and trust clauses with related documents.

This authoritative set includes:

•   Detailed guidelines with suggestions
•   Annotated with law of all states
•   Invaluable estate planning advice
•   Large selection of complete wills and trusts
•   Checklists
•   Sample computations
•   Summary of estate, gift, generation-skipping transfer and fiduciary income taxes
•   Living wills and health care proxies
•   Fiduciaries' and guardianship compensation
•   Comprehensive analysis preceding each group of forms

First published in 1960.

Five volumes; updated with revisions twice a year.

Also available on Authority Tax & Estate Planning Law Library CD-ROM.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Complete Wills and Codicils - An Overview

Chapter 2 Basic Estate Planning and Will Drafting Considerations

Chapter 3 Federal Estate and Gift Taxation: Will Drafting and Planning Considerations

Chapter 3A Federal Generation-Skipping Transfer Taxation: Will Drafting and Planning

Chapter 3B Federal Income Taxation of Decedents and Their Estates: Will Drafting and Planning

Chapter 3C Federal Income Taxation of Trusts: Drafting and Planning Considerations

Chapter 3D Federal Income Taxation of Grantor Trusts: Drafting and Planning

Chapter 4 Non-Dispositive Clauses

Chapter 5 Testamentary Dispositions of Property--Types of Devises and Devises of Specific Types
of Property

Chapter 6 Concurrent and Successive Interests -- Ownership and Devise

Chapter 7 Testamentary Trusts

Chapter 8 Powers of Appointment, Powers of Invasion and Powers of Withdrawal

Chapter 9 Marital Deduction

Chapter 9A Limitations on the Freedom of Testation: Spousal Protection

Chapter 10 Particular Beneficiaries

Chapter 11 Charitable Dispositions

Chapter 11A Dispositions For Care of Pets and Cemetery Plots

Chapter 12 [Reserved]

Chapter 13 Beneficial Aspects of Devises: Conditions, Lapse and Disclaimers

Chapter 14 Property Aspects of Devises: Changes In Assets and Liabilities

Chapter 15 Appointment and Compensation of Fiduciaries

Chapter 16 Fiduciary Duties, Powers and Liabilities

Chapter 17 Tax Apportionment and Related Directions

Chapter 18 Inter Vivos Trusts

Chapter 18A Estate Planning: Agreements and Documents Affecting the Transferability of

Chapter 19 Incorporation By Reference, Facts of Independent Significance and Pour-Over

Chapter 20 Living Wills and Health-Care Proxies