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Mortgage Lending Compliance with Federal and State Guidance

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Residential Mortgage Lenders - Get State and Federal Compliance Coverage in One Fast Resource.

Residential lenders need to keep up with the myriad of ever-changing mortgage regulations and legal developments, such as high-cost mortgage loans, flood insurance, yield spread premiums, HUD enforcement action, upcharges, and state predatory lending statutes. Pratt's Mortgage Lending Compliance with Federal and State Guidance will keep you informed of the Dodd-Frank Act and the changes that affect you. Updates will address:

  •  Regulatory responsibility for RESPA, TILA, ECOA, HMDA and other federal consumer protection statutes that are shifting to a new agency.
  •  Thorough explanation of changing federal lending regulations to make sure lenders are in compliance.

Mortgage Laws by State


Pratt's Mortgage Lending Compliance with Federal and State Guidance is the only resource that covers mortgage lending compliance with federal and state guidance and regulations. It also includes expert analysis and interpretation of the federal regulations, state-by-state coverage key mortgage lender compliance laws, regulatory and business process checklists, and model forms and disclosures that can be easily customized.

The manual provides clear and useful explanations of the federal laws and regulations regarding mortgage compliance laws and summaries of essential state laws. Federal statutes, regulations, and key agency guidance accompany the manual.

Also included are two checklists to help you determine which regulations apply to your institution: the Regulatory Applicability Checklist tells you which regulations apply to different entities, and the Business Process Checklist tells you which regulations apply to the different stages of mortgage lending.

Subscribers will receive a downloadable file containing editable forms.
The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Volume 1

Part 1 Lending Regulations

Chapter 1.1  Truth in Lending

Chapter 1.2   Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

Chapter 1.3   Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act

Chapter 1.4   Flood Insurance

Chapter 1.5   Insider Transactions

Chapter 1.6   Summary of Regulatory Examinations

Chapter 1.7   Appraisal Standards

Chapter 1.8   Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

Volume 2
Part 2 Mortgage Insurance

Chapter 2.1   Mortgage Insurance

Part 3 Discrimination and Fair Lending

Chapter 3.1   Equal Credit Opportunity Act

Chapter 3.2   Fair Credit Reporting Act

Chapter 3.3   Fair Housing Act

Chapter 3.4   Community Reinvestment Act

Chapter 3.5   Fair Lending

Chapter 3.6   Subprime Lending

Part 4 Advertising and Marketing

Chapter 4.1   Advertising

Chapter 4.2   Telemarketing

Chapter 4.3   Tie-In Restrictions

Part 5 Consumer Protection

Chapter 5.1   Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Chapter 5.2   Privacy

Chapter 5.3   Unfair or Deceptive Trade Practices

Chapter 5.4   USA PATRIOT Act and Anti-Money Laundering

Chapter 5.5  Homeownership Counseling

Part 6 Legal and Liability Issues

Chapter 6.1   Lender Liability

Chapter 6.2   Environmental Protection

Chapter 6.3   Bankruptcy

Chapter 6.4   Summary of Court Processes

Chapter 6.5   Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

Chapter 6.6   Safety and Soundness

Chapter 6.7   Tax Reporting

Chapter 6.8   Litigation: Higher-Cost Mortgage Lending

Chapter 6.9  Tenants at Foreclosure

Chapter 6.10  Mortgage Servicing Guidance

Part 7 Electronic Services

Chapter 7.1   Electronic Transfer of Funds

Chapter 7.2   Internet Activities

Part 8 State Laws