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Moore's Manual: Federal Practice Forms

Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (2 issues)

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Print Book :7 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with revisions
ISBN: 9780820514130
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ISBN: 9781579117054
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A Handy Collection of Civil Forms for Use in Federal Court.

Moore's Manual: Federal Practice Forms is a handy condensation of Bender's Federal Practice Forms. This indispensible desk set, first published in 1964, brings together the essential forms for use in civil litigation in federal court, from the initial filing of the action through appeal. These timesaving forms can also be adapted for use in any of the 39 states that have modeled their procedures after the federal rules.

Moore's Manual: Federal Practice Forms has the same chapter organization as its companion treatise, Moore's Manual: Federal Practice and Procedure, for ease of use and convenient cross-referencing. This indispensable, handy desk set of the civil forms you use every day features:

•   Over 1,500, up-to-date, court-tested forms, organized in chapter-by-chapter correspondence to the companion text.
•   Comprehensive cross-references to Moore's Federal Practice and Moore's Manual: Federal Practice and Procedure.
•   Extensive case citations.
•   Summary judgment chapter completely revised in 2011 to reflect December 2010 amendments to Civil Rule 56.

The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Table of Contents


PART I Background

Chapter 1 Courts

Chapter 2 Concurrent and Conflicting Jurisdiction

Chapter 3 One Form of Action

Chapter 4 Law Applicable Under Federal Rules

PART II Jurisdiction; Venue; Removal

Chapter 5 Original Jurisdiction of the Subject Matter

Chapter 6 Personal Jurisdiction: Service of Process

Chapter 7 Venue

Chapter 8 Removal from State Courts; Remand

Chapter 8A Disclosure Statement

Chapter 8B Constitutional Challenges

PART III Pleading Stage

Chapter 9 Pleadings and Motions: General

Chapter 9A Motions

Chapter 9B Representation by Counsel

Chapter 9C Signing Papers and Sanctions

Chapter 9D Service of Papers

Chapter 9E Time Computation

Chapter 10 Plaintiff's Pleading

Chapter 10A Complaints: "Accounting" through "Commerce"

Chapter 10B Complaints: "Consumer Law" through "Labor"

Chapter 10C Complaints: "Military Service" through "Wills and Trust"


PART III Pleading Stage (Cont'd.)

Chapter 10D Joinder of Claims

Chapter 10E Provisional Remedies

Chapter 10F Injunctions


PART III Pleading Stage (Cont'd.)

Chapter 11 Defendant's Response

Chapter 12 Plaintiff's Response

Chapter 12A Amended and Supplemental Pleadings

PART IV Parties

Chapter 13 Interests of Parties

Chapter 14 Multiple-Party Practice

Chapter 14A Intervention

Chapter 14B Interpleader

Chapter 14C Class Actions

Chapter 14D Derivative Actions

Chapter 14E Unincorporated Associations


PART V Pre-Trial Stage

Chapter 15 Discovery


PART V Pre-Trial Stage (Cont'd)

Chapter 15 Discovery (Cont'd.)

Chapter 15A [Reserved]

Chapter 15B [Reserved]

Chapter 15C Production of Documents and Things and Inspection of Property

Chapter 15D Medical Examinations

Chapter 15E Admissions

Chapter 15F Discovery Sanctions


PART V Pre-Trial Stage (Cont'd.)

Chapter 16 Judgment on the Pleadings

Chapter 17 Summary Judgment

Chapter 18 Pretrial Conference

Chapter 19 Dismissal; Rule 41

PART VI Trial And Judgment

Chapter 20 Trial Proceedings - Generally

Chapter 21 Masters; Magistrate Judges


PART VI Trial And Judgment (Cont'd.)

Chapter 22 Trial by Jury

Chapter 23 Trial to Court

Chapter 24 New Trial; Amendment of Judgment

Chapter 25 Judgment; Rules 54 and 55

Chapter 26 Post-Judgment Procedures


Chapter 27 Stay of Judgment

Chapter 28 To Court of Appeals

Chapter 29 To Supreme Court


Chapter 30 Official Forms

Table of Statutes and Rules