Minnesota Civil Practice

Expert and indispensable guide to Minnesota civil practice.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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Product description

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Whether you are new to civil litigation, or an expert or judge looking for answers in an unsettled or new area, you can turn to Minnesota Civil Practice, Fourth Edition, the most current and comprehensive Minnesota civil litigation coverage available. This three-volume publication, updated and edited in this latest edition, is organized to follow the chronology of a lawsuit, with practical, tested forms in every chapter plus a detailed index and finding tables to speed your research. From the client interview to final judgment and appeal, Minnesota Civil Practice lets you locate what you need more easily than ever before at every point of the litigation process, and includes analysis, discussion and topical analysis of:
 •  Recent appellate court decisions
 •  Minnesota Rules of General Practice
 •  Amendments to the Minnesota Rules of Civil and Appellate Procedure
 •  Choosing between federal and state courts
 •  Fax transmission servicing and filing
 •  E-discovery
 •  Medical malpractice
 •  Spoliation of evidence
 •  Alternative dispute resolution
 •  Use of experts
 •  Reconsideration of motions
 •  Sanctions for bad faith

Benefit from the experience of the authors, Minnesota law professors and seasoned practitioners. Minnesota Civil Practice is the time-tested Minnesota civil procedure practice guide you will use time after time in every civil case you handle, only from LexisNexis.

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Table of contents

Volume 1
Chapter 1 Litigation in Minnesota
Chapter 2 The Client Interview
Chapter 3 Investigation
Chapter 4 Alternatives to Litigation: Settlement, Arbitration, Administrative Agency Action, and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 5 Planning the Action
Chapter 6 Selecting the Court
Chapter 7 Jurisdiction
Chapter 8 Venue
Chapter 9 Service, Filing, and Timing Requirements
Chapter 10 Plaintiff’s Pleading
Chapter 11 Defendant’s Pleading or Response
Chapter 12 Defendant’s Joinder Devices

Volume 2
Chapter 13 Amendments and Supplemental Pleadings
Chapter 14 Plaintiff’s Joinder Devices
Chapter 15 Discovery
Chapter 16 Dismissals and Judgments Short of Trial
Chapter 17 Motion Practice
Chapter 18 Pretrial Conference
Chapter 19 Juries
Chapter 20 The Trial—Presentation of the Case and Rebuttal
Chapter 21 Verdicts in Jury Trials
Chapter 22 Trial to the Court
Chapter 23 Evidence

Volume 3
Chapter 24 Post-Trial Motions
Chapter 25 Judgments
Chapter 26 Enforcement of Judgments
Chapter 27 Appellate Procedure
Chapter 28 Extraordinary Writs
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes