Mineral Mine Safety Laws of Virginia

Contains the laws relating to mineral mining in Virginia.
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2019 Edition
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ISBN: 9781522186472
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Contains the laws relating to mineral mining in Virginia, including the Mineral Mine Safety Act. Covers requirements applicable to underground mineral mines as well as surface mineral mining, and the rights of owners of land adjacent to mineral mines. Also covers mineral mining refuse piles and water and silt retaining dams.

Table of Contents

Mines and Mining. 

14.1-- Administration, {{/n 45.1-161.1 to 45.1-161.6

14.4:1-- Mineral Mine Safety Act, {{/n 45.1-161.292:1 to 45.1-161.292:73

14.5 -- Requirements Applicable to Underground Mineral Mines,
{{/n 45.1-161.293 to 45.1-161.303

14.6 -- Requirements Applicable to Surface Mineral Mining, {{/n 45.1-161.304 to 45.1-161.309

14.7:1-- Rights of Owners of Land Adjacent to Mineral Mines, {{/n 45.1-161.311:1, 45.1-161.311:2

18.1-- Mineral Mining Refuse Piles, Water and Silt Retaining Dams, {{/n 45.1-225.1 to 45.1-225.3