Midwest Transaction Guide

Summarizes state and federal law, relevant statutes, important regulations and secondary legal sources.

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This 14-volume state-by-state guide to business, wills and trusts, commercial, real estate and personal transactions covers Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Midwest Transaction Guide summarizes state and federal law, relevant statutes, important regulations and secondary legal sources. The practice guide sections include discussions of current business practices, tips for drafting and reviewing documents, a procedural guide and a rich collection of forms for each state.

Updated twice a year.

First published in 1980.

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Table of contents


Volume 1
Division 1 Formation of Corporations
Chapter 1 Starting a New Business
Chapter 2 Preincorporation Planning
Chapter 3 Formation of Corporations
Chapter 4 Articles of Incorporation
Chapter 5 Bylaws
Chapter 6 Organizational Meetings
Chapter 7 Incorporation of a Going Business
Chapter 8 Close and Closely Held Corporations
Chapter 9 Subchapter S Status
Chapters 10-19 [Reserved]

Volume 2
Division 2 Corporate Securities
Chapter 20 Equity Securities
Chapter 21 Debt Securities
Chapter 22 Registration of Securities
Chapters 23-29 [Reserved]

Division 3 Corporate Operation
Chapter 30 Directors' Meetings
Chapter 31 Shareholders' Meetings
Chapter 32 Voting Trusts
Chapter 33 Amendment of Articles and Bylaws
Chapter 34 Corporate Accounting and Records
Chapter 35 Dividends
Chapters 36-49 [Reserved]

Volume 3
Division 4 Special Corporate Entities
Chapter 50 Foreign Corporations
Chapter 51 Professional Corporations
Chapter 52 Formation of Nonprofit Corporations
Chapter 53 Obtaining Tax-exempt Status for Nonprofit Organizations
Chapter 54 Limited Liability Companies
Chapters 55-59 [Reserved]

Division 5 Formation of Partnerships
Chapter 60 Formation of General Partnerships
Chapter 61 Formation of Limited Partnerships
Chapters 62-69 [Reserved]

Division 6 Dissolution
Chapter 70 Dissolution of Corporations
Chapter 71 Dissolution and Termination of Partnerships
Chapters 72-89 [Reserved]


Volume 4
Division 1 Acquisitions and Dispositions
Chapter 90 Buying and Selling a Business
Chapter 91 Mergers and Consolidations
Chapter 92 Corporate Acquisitions
Chapters 93-99 [Reserved]

Division 2 Intellectual Property
Chapter 100 Trademarks and Trade Names
Chapter 101 Copyrights
Chapter 102 Patents
Chapters 103-109 [Reserved]

Division 3 General Contracts
Chapter 110 Formation of Contracts and Standard Contractual Provisions
Chapter 111 Assignment of Obligations
Chapter 112 Modification, Novation, and Release
Chapter 113 Rescission and Cancellation
Chapters 114-129 [Reserved]

Volume 5
Division 4 Business Contracts
Chapter 130 Sale of Goods
Chapter 131 Marketing and Distribution Contracts
Chapter 132 Franchise Agreements
Chapter 133 Franchise Registration
Chapter 134 Agricultural Contracts
Chapter 135 Creditors' Agreements
Chapter 136 Storage and Shipment
Chapters 137-149 [Reserved]

Division 5 Service Contracts
Chapter 150 Employment Contracts
Chapter 151 Professional Service Contracts
Chapter 152 Business Service Contracts
Chapters 153-169 [Reserved]

Volume 6
Division 6 Business Financing
Chapter 170 Venture Capital Financing
Chapter 171 Small Business Administration Financing
Chapter 172 Commercial Paper
Chapter 173 Commercial Loans
Chapter 174 Secured Transactions
Chapter 175 Accounts Receivable Financing
Chapter 176 Equipment Leasing and Financing
Chapters 177-189 [Reserved]

Division 7 Consumer Transactions
Chapter 190 Credit Cards
Chapter 191 Consumer Protection
Chapter 192 Installment Sales and Loans
Chapter 193 Personal Property Bailments
Chapter 194 Personal Property Liens
Chapters 195-209 [Reserved]


Volume 7
Division 1 Personal Affairs
Chapter 210 Personal Planning Guide
Chapter 211 Retirement Planning Guide
Chapter 212 Personal Bankruptcy Planning
Chapter 213 Powers of Attorney
Chapter 214 Medical and Hospital Services
Chapter 215 Nursing Homes and Other Care Facilities
Chapters 216-219 [Reserved]

Division 2 Family Affairs
Chapter 220 Minors' Contracts
Chapter 221 Parental Obligations and Consents
Chapter 222 Adoption and Foster Care
Chapters 223-239 [Reserved]

Volume 8
Division 3 Marital Affairs
Chapter 240 Antenuptial Agreements
Chapter 241 Postnuptial Agreements
Chapter 242 Marital Termination Guide
Chapter 243 Reconciliation Agreements
Chapters 244-249 [Reserved]

Division 4 Marital Settlement Agreements
Chapter 250 Complete Marital Settlement Agreements
Chapter 251 General Settlement Agreement Provisions
Chapter 252 Provisions for Division of Property
Chapter 253 Provisions for Debts and Obligations
Chapter 254 Spousal and Child Support Provisions
Chapter 255 Provisions for Custody and Visitation of Children
Chapter 256 Insurance Provisions
Chapter 257 Pension and Employee Benefit Provisions
Chapter 258 Provisions for Payment of Taxes
Chapter 259 Provisions for Attorneys' Fees and Costs
Chapters 260-279 [Reserved]


Volume 9
Division 1 Initial Planning
Chapter 280 Estate Planning Guide
Chapter 281 Contracts to Make Wills
Chapters 282-289 [Reserved]

Division 2 Wills
Chapter 290 Standard Wills
Chapter 291 Marital Deduction Wills
Chapter 292 Property Dispositions
Chapter 293 Beneficiary Provisions
Chapter 294 Future Interest Provisions
Chapter 295 Power of Appointment Provisions
Chapter 296 Residuary Disposition Provisions
Chapter 297 Executor Provisions
Chapter 298 Testator's Personal Instructions
Chapter 299 Codicils
Chapters 300-309 [Reserved]

Volume 10
Division 3 Gifts
Chapter 310 Personal Gifts
Chapter 311 Charitable Gifts
Chapter 312 Anatomical Gifts
Chapters 313-319 [Reserved]

Division 4 Trusts
Chapter 320 Testamentary Trusts
Chapter 321 Revocable Trusts
Chapter 322 Irrevocable Inter Vivos Trusts
Chapter 323 Marital Deduction Trusts
Chapter 324 Charitable Trusts
Chapter 325 Life Insurance Trusts
Chapter 326 Trustee Provisions
Chapter 327 Trust Property Provisions
Chapter 328 Trust Beneficiary Provisions
Chapter 329 Trust Directions
Chapters 330-349 [Reserved]


Volume 11
Division 1 Sales and Financing
Chapter 350 Agreements with Brokers
Chapter 351 Options
Chapter 352 Sale Contracts
Chapter 353 Exchanges
Chapter 354 Land Trusts
Chapter 355 Real Property Secured Transactions
Chapter 356 [Reserved]
Chapter 357 Title Examination and Insurance
Chapter 358 Deeds and Conveyancing
Chapter 359 Closing
Chapters 360-369 [Reserved]

Division 2 Ownership
Chapter 370 Homesteads
Chapter 371 Easements, Profits, Licenses, and Restrictive Covenants
Chapter 372 Party Walls and Boundary Agreements
Chapter 373 Property Management
Chapters 374-379 [Reserved]

Volume 12
Division 3 Group Investment
Chapter 380 Joint Ventures
Chapter 381 Real Estate Syndicates
Chapter 382 Real Estate Investment Trusts and Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits
Chapters 383-399 [Reserved]

Division 4 Subdivision and Construction
Chapter 400 Subdivisions
Chapter 401 Environmental Regulation
Chapter 402 Agreements with Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors
Chapter 403 Construction Contracts and Subcontracts
Chapter 404 Construction Financing
Chapter 405 Mechanics' Liens
Chapters 406-419 [Reserved]

Volume 13
Division 5 Development Projects
Chapter 420 Condominiums and Planned

UNIT Developments
Chapter 421 Shopping Centers
Chapter 422 Mobile Home Parks
Chapters 423-429 [Reserved]

Division 6 Leases
Chapter 430 Ground Leases
Chapter 431 Commercial, Industrial, and Office Leases
Chapter 432 Residential Leases
Chapter 433 General Lease Provisions
Chapter 434 Assignment and Sublease of Leasehold Interests
Chapter 435 Modification and Termination of Leases

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