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Print Book :2 volumes, looseleaf, updated annually
ISBN: 9781522133445
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ISBN: 9781522133452
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Access authoritative estate planning content on behalf of your Illinois, Indiana and Michigan clients with the Midwest Transaction Guide for Estate Planning. This two volume set features 25 chapters covering a wide array of topics arising in estate planning context including the law of Wills, Trusts, and Personal, Charitable, and Anatomical Gifts. This guide summarizes state and federal law, relevant statutes, regulations and secondary legal sources.

Material in this publication is also published in Midwest Transaction Guide.

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

1 Estate Planning Guide

2 Contracts to Make Wills

3 Standard Wills

4 Marital Deduction Wills

5 Property Dispositions

6 Beneficiary Provisions

7 Future Interest Provisions

8 Power of Appointment Provisions

9 Residuary Disposition Provisions

10 Executor Provisions

11 Testator's Personal Instructions

12 Codicils

13 Personal Gifts

14 Charitable Gifts

15 Anatomical Gifts

16 Testamentary Trusts

17 Revocable Trusts

18 Irrevocable Inter Vivos Trusts

19 Marital Deduction Trusts

20 Charitable Trusts

21 Life Insurance Trusts

22 Trustee Provisions

23 Trust Property Provisions

24 Trust Beneficiary Provisions

25 Trust Directions