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Publisher: Michie
Print Book :88 volumes, hardbound
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ISBN: 9780327160014
Publisher: Michie
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The choice really is yours. You can:

Do More. With MCLS in your office, you'll fly through research tasks with confidence.
Pay Less. Save over $1,000 versus the competing annotated code service!*

Michigan Compiled Laws Service (MCLS) combines authoritative coverage of Michigan law with logical and intuitive features to form an indispensable resource for you--all at a fraction of the cost of West's MCLA upkeep.

You'll broaden your understanding of Michigan statutes and court rules quickly, easily, and affordably with features that include:

  • Official numbering
  • Fully annotated statutory text and annotated cumulative supplements
  • Quarterly updates with additional annotations and case notes
  • Numbered and topically labelled volumes for easy reference
  • Bonus: Michigan Court Rules Annotated and Michigan Rules of Evidence automatically included!

    LexisNexis also publishes Advance Legislative Service (ALS). The ALS, usually published eight times a year, gives you the latest session laws, with changes in the law indicated, as they are passed along with handy tables showing you which sections of the code are affected.

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    *Compared to West®'s online store listing of Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated (Annotated Statute & Code Series).

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    Table of contents

    (*indicates volume ends with chapter)
    Vol. 1 U.S. Constitution
    Vol. 2 Ch. 1 (MI Constitution of 1963)
    Vol. 3A Chs. 2-4 State Government
    Vol. 3B Chs. 4-13 State Government
    Vol. 4 Chs. 14-20 State Government
    Vol. 5A Chs. 21-28 State Government
    Vol. 5B Chs. 28-31 State Government
    Vol. 6 Chs. 32-37 Veterans/Civil Rights
    Vol. 7A Ch. 38 Civil Service and Retirement
    Vol. 7B Ch. 38 Civil Service and Retirement
    Vol. 8 Chs. 41-60 Townships and Counties
    Vol. 9 Chs. 61-116 Villages/Fourth Class Cities
    Vol. 10 Chs. 117-124 Local Government/Municipalities
    Vol. 11 Chs. 125.1-125.1391 Planning, Housing, Zoning*
    Vol. 12A Ch. 125 Planning, Housing, Zoning
    Vol. 12B Ch. 125 Planning, Housing, Zoning
    Vol. 13 Chs. 128-144 Cemeteries/Municipal Financing
    Vol. 14 Chs. 145-168.640 Election Law*
    Vol. 15 Chs. 168.641-204 Election Law
    Vol. 16 Ch. 205 Taxation
    Vol. 17 Chs. 206-210 Taxation
    Vol. 18 Chs. 211.1-211.54 Taxation of Property*
    Vol. 19 Chs. 211.55-212 Taxation of Property
    Vol. 20 Chs. 213-246 Condemnation/Highways
    Vol. 21 Chs. 247-255 Highways/Bridges/Ferries
    Vol. 22 Chs. 256-257.532 Motor Vehicles*
    Vol. 23A Ch. 257 Motor Vehicles
    Vol. 23B Chs. 257-258 Motor Vehicles
    Vol. 24 Chs. 259-284 Transportation/Drains
    Vol. 25 Chs. 285-288 Agriculture
    Vol. 26 Chs. 289-310 Pure Foods/Natural Resources
    Vol. 27 Chs. 311-323 Natural Resources
    Vol. 28 Chs. 324.1-324.11304 Environmental Protection*
    Vol. 29A Ch. 324 Environmental Protection
    Vol. 29B Ch. 324 Environmental Protection
    Vol. 30 Chs. 324.42701-324.63108 Environmental Protection*
    Vol. 31 Chs. 324.63301-end Environmental Protection
    Vol. 32 Chs. 325-330 Public Health
    Vol. 33A Chs. 331-333 Public Health
    Vol. 33B Ch. 333 Public Health
    Vol. 34A Ch. 333 Pollution
    Vol. 34B Chs. 333-336 Pollution
    Vol. 35 Chs. 338-339 Occupations
    Vol. 36A Chs. 340-380 Education
    Vol. 36B Chs. 380-386 Education
    Vol. 37A Ch. 388 Education
    Vol. 37B Chs. 388-389 Education
    Vol. 38 Chs. 390-399 Universities/Libraries/Historical Sites
    Vol. 39 Chs. 400-410 Social Services
    Vol. 40 Chs. 411-418 Workers' Compensation
    Vol. 41 Chs. 419-428 Labor Law/Hotels
    Vol. 42 Chs. 429-439 Negotiable Instruments
    Vol. 43 Chs. 440.1-440.4504 Uniform Commercial Code*
    Vol. 44 Chs. 440.4601-end Uniform Commercial Code
    Vol. 45A Chs. 441-445 Trade and Commerce
    Vol. 45B Chs. 445-449 Trade and Commerce
    Vol. 46 Ch. 450 Corporations
    Vol. 47 Chs. 451-459 Securities/Associations
    Vol. 48 Chs. 460-469 Utilities/Railroads
    Vol. 49 Chs. 470-486 Public Resources
    Vol. 50 Chs. 487-499 Financial Institutions
    Vol. 51 Chs. 500.1-500.2706 Insurance*
    Vol. 52A Ch. 500 Insurance
    Vol. 52B Ch. 500 Insurance
    Vol. 53 Chs. 500.5000-550 Insurance
    Vol. 54 Chs. 551-554 Marriage/Divorce
    Vol. 55 Chs. 555-565 Uses and Trusts/Conveyance of Real Property
    Vol. 56 Chs. 566-599 Fraudulent Conveyances/Liens
    Vol. 57 Chs. 600.1-600.775 Judiciary*
    Vol. 58 Chs. 600.801-600.2051 Judiciary*
    Vol. 59 Chs. 600.2101-600.2970 Judiciary*
    Vol. 60 Chs. 600.3101-600.6521 Judiciary*
    Vol. 61 Chs. 600.6301-699 Judiciary
    Vol. 62 Ch. 700 Estates
    Vol. 63A Chs. 701-722 Probate/Children
    Vol. 63B Chs. 722-730 Probate/Children
    Vol. 64 Chs. 750.1-750.300a Penal Code*
    Vol. 65 Chs. 750.301-759 Penal Code*
    Vol. 66 Chs. 760-765 Penal Code
    Vol. 67 Chs. 766-767 Criminal Procedure*
    Vol. 68 Ch. 768 Criminal Procedure*
    Vol. 69 Chs. 769-771 Criminal Procedure*
    Vol. 70 Chs. 772-790 Criminal Procedure
    Vol. 71 Chs. 791-830 Prisons and Jails