Michie's West Virginia Code Annotated

West Virginia practitioners know there is only one source they can trust for annotated West Virginia primary law - Michie's West Virginia Code Annotated. The first and last word in West Virginia statutory research, Michie's West Virginia Code Annotated includes 29 volumes plus current cumulative supplement, the official state statutes, fully annotated, Michie's West Virginia Court Rules, and comprehensive index, replaced annually.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :29 volumes, hardbound set
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ISBN: 9780327111818
Publisher: Michie
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West Virginia practitioners know there is only one source they can trust for annotated West Virginia primary law - Michie’s™ West Virginia Code Annotated. The first and last word in West Virginia statutory research, Michie’s™ West Virginia Code Annotated includes:

•  29 volumes plus current cumulative supplement
•  The official state statutes, fully annotated
•  Michie’s™ West Virginia Court Rules
•  Comprehensive index, replaced annually
•  Fully annotated cumulative supplements published annually within 90 days of receipt of all acts from the legislature
•  Annotations based on:
* All West Virginia cases and federal cases arising in West Virginia
* State law reviews
* Attorney General Opinions
•  All case citations Shepardized® for accuracy
•  Advance Code Service published three times a year, providing annotations to the most current case law

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Table of contents

CHAPTER 1. The State And Its Subdivisions 
CHAPTER 2. Common Law, Statutes, Legal Holidays, Definitions, And Legal Capacity
CHAPTER 3. Elections
CHAPTER 4. The Legislature
CHAPTER 5. General Powers And Authority Of The Governor, Secretary Of State And Attorney General; Board Of Public Works; ...
CHAPTER 5a. Department Of Administration
CHAPTER 5b. Economic Development Act Of 1985
CHAPTER 5c. Basic Assistance For Industry And Trade
CHAPTER 5d. Public Energy Authority Act
CHAPTER 5e. Venture Capital Company
CHAPTER 5f. Reorganization Of The Executive Branch Of State Government
CHAPTER 5g. Procurement Of Architect-Engineer Services Bystate And Its Subdivisions
CHAPTER 6. General Provisions Respecting Officers
CHAPTER 6a. Executive And Judicial Succession
CHAPTER 6b. Public Officers And Employees; Ethics; Conflicts Of Interest; Financial Disclosure
CHAPTER 6c. Public Employees
CHAPTER 7. County Commissions And Officers
CHAPTER 8. Municipal Corporations
CHAPTER 8a. Municipal Home Rule [Repealed]
CHAPTER 9. Human Services
CHAPTER 9a. Veterans Affairs
CHAPTER 10. Public Libraries; Public Recreation; Athletic Establishments; Monuments And Memorials; Roster Of Servicemen; ...
CHAPTER 11. Taxation
CHAPTER 11a. Collection And Enforcement Of Property Taxes
CHAPTER 12. Public Moneys And Securities
CHAPTER 13. Public Bonded Indebtedness
CHAPTER 13a. Public Indebtedness Not Bonded [Repealed]
CHAPTER 14. Claims Due And Against The State
CHAPTER 15. Public Safety
CHAPTER 16. Public Health
CHAPTER 17. Roads And Highways
CHAPTER 17a. Motor Vehicle Administration, Registration, Certificate Of Title, And Antitheft Provisions
CHAPTER 17b. Motor Vehicle Driver's Licenses
CHAPTER 17c. Traffic Regulations And Laws Of The Road
CHAPTER 17d. Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Law
CHAPTER 17e. Uniform Commercial Driver's License Act
CHAPTER 18. Education
CHAPTER 18a. School Personnel
CHAPTER 18b. Higher Education
CHAPTER 18c. Student Loans; Scholarships And State Aid
CHAPTER 19. Agriculture
CHAPTER 20. Natural Resources
CHAPTER 20a. Water Resources [Repealed]
CHAPTER 21. Labor
CHAPTER 21a. Unemployment Compensation
CHAPTER 22. Environmental Resources
CHAPTER 22a. Miners' Health, Safety And Training
CHAPTER 22b. Environmental Boards
CHAPTER 22c. Environmental Resources; Boards, Authorities, Commissions And Compacts
CHAPTER 23. Workers' Compensation
CHAPTER 24. Public Service Commission
CHAPTER 24a. Motor Carriers Of Passengers And Property For Hire
CHAPTER 24b. Gas Pipeline Safety
CHAPTER 24c. Underground Facilities Damage Prevention
CHAPTER 24d. Cable Television
CHAPTER 24e. Statewide Addressing And Mapping
CHAPTER 24f. Veterans' Grave Markers
CHAPTER 25. Division Of Corrections
CHAPTER 25a. Department Of Purchases [Repealed]
CHAPTER 26. State Benevolent Institutions
CHAPTER 27. Mentally Ill Persons
CHAPTER 28. State Correctional And Penal Institutions
CHAPTER 29. Miscellaneous Boards And Officers
CHAPTER 29a. State Administrative Procedures Act
CHAPTER 29b. Freedom Of Information
CHAPTER 29c. Uniform Notary Act
CHAPTER 30. Professions And Occupations
CHAPTER 31. Corporations
CHAPTER 31a. Banks And Banking
CHAPTER 31b. Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
CHAPTER 31c. Credit Unions
CHAPTER 31d. West Virginia Business Corporation Act
CHAPTER 31e. West Virginia Nonprofit Corporation Act
CHAPTER 32. Uniform Securities Act
CHAPTER 32a. Land Sales; False Advertising; Issuance And Sale Of Checks, Drafts, Money Orders, Etc
CHAPTER 32b. The West Virginia Commodities Act
CHAPTER 33. Insurance
CHAPTER 34. Estrays, Drift And Derelict Property
CHAPTER 35. Property Of Religious, Educational And Charitable Organizations
CHAPTER 35a. Names, Emblems, Etc., Of Associations, Lodges, Etc
CHAPTER 36. Estates And Property
CHAPTER 36a. Condominiums And Unit Property
CHAPTER 36b. Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act
CHAPTER 37. Real Property
CHAPTER 37a. Zoning
CHAPTER 38. Liens
CHAPTER 39. Records And Papers
CHAPTER 39a. Electronic Commerce
CHAPTER 40. Acts Void As To Creditors And Purchasers
CHAPTER 41. Wills
CHAPTER 42. Descent And Distribution
CHAPTER 43. Dower And Valuation Of Life Estates
CHAPTER 44. Administration Of Estates And Trusts
CHAPTER 44a. West Virginia Guardianship And Conservatorship Act
CHAPTER 44b. Uniform Principal And Income Act
CHAPTER 45. Suretyship And Guaranty
CHAPTER 46. Uniform Commercial Code
CHAPTER 46a. West Virginia Consumer Credit And Protection Act
CHAPTER 46b. Regulation Of The Rental Of Consumer Goods Under Rent-To-Own Agreements
CHAPTER 47. Regulation Of Trade
CHAPTER 47a. West Virginia Lending And Credit Rate Board
CHAPTER 47b. Uniform Partnership Act
CHAPTER 48. Domestic Relations
CHAPTER 48a. Enforcement Of Family Obligations [Repealed]
CHAPTER 48b. Uniform Interstate Family Support Act [Repealed]
CHAPTER 48c. Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act [Repealed]
CHAPTER 49. Child Welfare
CHAPTER 50. Magistrate Courts
CHAPTER 51. Courts And Their Officers
CHAPTER 52. Juries
CHAPTER 53. Extraordinary Remedies
CHAPTER 54. Eminent Domain
CHAPTER 55. Actions, Suits And Arbitration; Judicial Sale
CHAPTER 56. Pleading And Practice
CHAPTER 57. Evidence And Witnesses
CHAPTER 58. Appeal And Error
CHAPTER 59. Fees, Allowances And Costs; Newspapers; Legal Advertisements
CHAPTER 60. State Control Of Alcoholic Liquors
CHAPTER 60a. Uniform Controlled Substances Act
CHAPTER 61. Crimes And Their Punishment
CHAPTER 62. Criminal Procedure
CHAPTER 63. Repeal Of Statutes
CHAPTER 64. Legislative Rules