Michie's Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated, Certified Version

Kentucky practitioners know there is only one source they can trust for annotated Kentucky primary law - Michie's Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated, Certified Version. The first and last word in Kentucky statutory research, the official Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated includes, 33 volumes plus current cumulative supplement and the official state statutes, fully annotated.
Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (4 issues)
Print Book :33 volumes, hardbound set
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ISBN: 9780672830358
Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (4 issues)
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Kentucky practitioners know there is only one source they can trust for annotated Kentucky primary law - Michie's Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated, Certified Version. The first and last word in Kentucky statutory research, the official Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated includes -

•  33 volumes plus current cumulative supplement
•  The official state statutes, fully annotated
•  Michie's Kentucky Court Rules Annotated Order extra sets for each attorney in your office.
•  Comprehensive index, replaced annually
•  Fully annotated cumulative supplements published annually within 90 days of receipt of all acts from the legislature
•  Annotations based on:
* All Kentucky cases and federal cases arising in Kentucky since statehood
* State law reviews
* Attorney General Opinions
•  All case citations Shepardized® for accuracy
•  Advance Code Service published three times a year, providing annotations to the most current case law

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Table of contents

TITLE I. Sovereignty And Jurisdiction Of The Commonwealth 
Chapter 1. Boundaries
Chapter 2. Citizenship, Emblems, Holidays, And Time
Chapter 3. Grants To United States Of Lands And Rights To Acquire

TITLE II. Legislative Branch
Chapter 5. Legislative Districts
Chapter 6. The General Assembly
Chapter 6a. Organizational Sessions Of The General Assembly
Chapter 7. Legislative Research Commission
Chapter 7a. Capital Planning
Chapter 7b. Long-Term Policy Research
Chapter 8. Intergovernmental Cooperation

TITLE III. Executive Branch
Chapter 11. The Governor
Chapter 11a. Executive Branch Code Of Ethics
Chapter 12. Administrative Organization
Chapter 13. Administrative Regulations
Chapter 13a. Administrative Regulations
Chapter 13b. Administrative Hearings
Chapter 14. Department Of State
Chapter 15. Department Of Law
Chapter 15a. Justice Cabinet
Chapter 16. State Police
Chapter 17. Public Safety
Chapter 18. State Personnel
Chapter 18a. State Personnel
Chapter 19. Human Rights Commission

TITLE IV. Judicial Branch
Chapter 21. Judicial Retirement
Chapter 21a. Supreme Court Of Kentucky
Chapter 22. Judicial Council And Judicial Conference
Chapter 22a. Court Of Appeals
Chapter 23. Circuit Courts Generally
Chapter 23a. Circuit Court
Chapter 24. Circuit Courts Having Continuous Session
Chapter 24a. District Court
Chapter 25. County (Probate), Quarterly And Justices' Courts
Chapter 26. Police Courts
Chapter 26a. Court Of Justice
Chapter 27. Master Commissioners And Receivers
Chapter 27a. Judicial Support Agencies And Personnel
Chapter 28. Clerks, Stenographic Reporters, Interpreters And Examiners
Chapter 29. Juries
Chapter 29a. Juries
Chapter 30. Attorneys At Law
Chapter 30a. Court Personnel
Chapter 31. Department Of Public Advocacy
Chapter 31a. Master Commissioners And Receivers
Chapter 32. Financing Of Unified State Court System
Chapter 34. Judicial Commissions

TITLE V. Military Affairs
Chapter 35. Military Justice
Chapter 36. Department Of Military Affairs
Chapter 37. Active Militia
Chapter 38. National Guard
Chapter 39. Disaster And Emergency Services Management
Chapter 39a. Statewide Emergency Management Programs
Chapter 39b. Local Emergency Management Programs
Chapter 39c. State Aid To Local Emergency Management Programs
Chapter 39d. Continuity Of Government
Chapter 39e. Implementation Of Federal Hazardous Materials Programs
Chapter 39f. Local Rescue Programs -- State And Local Search And Rescue Programs
Chapter 40. Veterans

TITLE VI. Financial Administration
Chapter 41. Department Of The Treasury
Chapter 42. Finance And Administration Cabinet
Chapter 43. Auditor Of Public Accounts
Chapter 44. Claims Upon The Treasury
Chapter 45. Budget And Financial Administration
Chapter 45a. Kentucky Model Procurement Code
Chapter 46. Report And Accounting Of State Funds By Local Officers
Chapter 47. Appropriations
Chapter 48. Budget

TITLE VII. Public Property And Public Printing
Chapter 56. State Lands And Buildings
Chapter 57. Public Printing And Distribution Of Public Documents
Chapter 58. Acquisition And Development Of Public Projects Through Revenue Bonds

TITLE VIII. Offices And Officers
Chapter 61. General Provisions As To Offices And Officers -- Social Security For Public Employees -- Employees ...
Chapter 62. Oaths And Bonds
Chapter 63. Resignations, Removals, And Vacancies
Chapter 64. Fees And Compensation Of Public Officers And Employees

TITLE IX. Counties, Cities, And Other Local Units
Chapter 65. General Provisions Applicable To Counties, Cities, And Other Local Units
Chapter 66. Issuance Of Bonds And Control Of Funds
Chapter 67. County Government (Fiscal Courts And County Commissioners)
Chapter 67a. Urban-County Government
Chapter 67b. Metropolitan Correctional Services Department
Chapter 67c. Restructure Of Local Government In County Containing City Of First Class
Chapter 68. County Finance And County Treasurer
Chapter 69. Commonwealth's And County Attorneys
Chapter 70. Sheriffs, Constables, County Police Force, Retirement System For County Police Force, And Guards
Chapter 71. Jailer
Chapter 72. Coroners, Inquests, And Medical Examinations
Chapter 73. Surveyor And Processioners
Chapter 74. Water Districts
Chapter 75. Fire Protection Districts
Chapter 76. City-County Metropolitan Sewer, Sewer Construction, And Sanitation Districts
Chapter 77. Air Pollution Control
Chapter 78. County Employees' Civil Service And Retirement
Chapter 79. Intercity, Intercounty And City-County Compacts For Purchasing And Merit Systems -- Retirement And ...
Chapter 80. Low-Cost Housing
Chapter 81. City Classification, Boundaries, And Alternative Method Of Consolidating Governmental Services
Chapter 81a. Annexation
Chapter 82. General Provisions Applicable To Cities
Chapter 83. Organization And Government Of Cities Of The First Class
Chapter 83a. Organization Of Government In Cities
Chapter 84. Organization And Government Of Cities Of The Second Class
Chapter 85. Organization And Government Of Cities Of The Third Class
Chapter 86. Organization And Government Of Cities Of The Fourth Class
Chapter 87. Organization And Government Of Cities Of The Fifth Class
Chapter 88. Organization And Government Of Cities Of The Sixth Class
Chapter 89. Commission And City Manager Forms Of Government
Chapter 90. City Civil Service
Chapter 91. Finance And Revenue Of Cities Of The First Class
Chapter 91a. Finance And Revenue Of Cities
Chapter 92. Finance And Revenue Of Cities Other Than The First Class
Chapter 93. Public Works In Cities Of The First Class
Chapter 93a. Pedestrian Mall Projects In First-Class Cities
Chapter 94. Public Works In Cities Other Than The First Class
Chapter 95. City Police And Fire Departments
Chapter 95a. Fire Protection Personnel
Chapter 96. Utilities In Cities
Chapter 96a. Mass Transit Authorities
Chapter 97. Parks, Playgrounds, And Recreation
Chapter 98. Health And Welfare In Cities Of The First Class And In Counties Containing Such Cities
Chapter 99. Urban Renewal And Redevelopment
Chapter 99a. Neighborhood Redevelopment
Chapter 100. Planning And Zoning
Chapter 101. Tenement And Apartment Houses In Cities Of The First Class
Chapter 102. Chambers Of Commerce
Chapter 103. Revenue Bonds For Miscellaneous City Or County Projects
Chapter 104. Flood Control And Water Usage
Chapter 105. War Memorials
Chapter 106. Acquisition Of Waterworks By Cities And Water Districts
Chapter 107. Municipal Improvements -- Alternate Methods
Chapter 108. Urban Services Districts -- Ambulance Service Districts
Chapter 108a. New Community Districts
Chapter 109. Local Solid Waste Management

TITLE X. Elections
Chapter 116. Voter Registration
Chapter 117. Regulation Of Elections
Chapter 118. Conduct Of Elections
Chapter 118a. Election Of Judges
Chapter 118b. Districts For United States House Of Representatives
Chapter 119. Election Offenses And Prosecutions
Chapter 120. Election Contests
Chapter 121. Campaign Finance Regulation
Chapter 121a. Public Financing Campaign Act
Chapter 122. Contest Of Elections
Chapter 123. Corrupt Practices
Chapter 124. Election Offenses And Prosecutions
Chapter 125. Voting Machines
Chapter 126. Absentee Voting
Chapter 127. Boards Of Elections
Chapter 128. Voter Registration

TITLE XI. Revenue And Taxation
Chapter 131. Revenue Cabinet
Chapter 132. Levy And Assessment Of Property Taxes
Chapter 133. Supervision, Equalization, And Review Of Assessments
Chapter 134. Payment, Collection, And Refund Of Taxes
Chapter 135. Collection Of Public Claims By Action
Chapter 136. Corporation And Utility Taxes
Chapter 137. License Taxes
Chapter 138. Excise Taxes
Chapter 139. Sales And Use Taxes
Chapter 140. Inheritance And Estate Taxes
Chapter 141. Income Taxes
Chapter 142. Miscellaneous Taxes
Chapter 143. Coal Tax
Chapter 143a. Natural Resources Severance And Processing Taxes
Chapter 144. Tax Incentives For Economic Development

TITLE XII. Conservation And State Development
Chapter 146. Natural Resources And Environmental Protection Cabinet
Chapter 147. State And Area Planning--Regional Development
Chapter 147a. Program Development
Chapter 147b. Financial Policy
Chapter 148. Parks And Tourism
Chapter 149. Forestry
Chapter 150. Fish And Wildlife Resources
Chapter 151. Geology And Water Resources
Chapter 151b. Cabinet For Workforce Development
Chapter 152. Commerce
Chapter 152a. Energy
Chapter 153. The Arts--State Zoo
Chapter 154. Development
Chapter 154a. State Lottery
Chapter 154b. Economic And Jobs Development
Chapter 155. Business Development Corporations

TITLE XIII. Education
Chapter 156. Department Of Education
Chapter 157. State Support Of Education
Chapter 157a. Foundation Program
Chapter 158. Conduct Of Schools -- Special Programs
Chapter 159. Compulsory Attendance
Chapter 160. School Districts
Chapter 161. School Employees--Teachers' Retirement And Tenure
Chapter 162. School Property And Buildings
Chapter 163. Vocational Education And Rehabilitation
Chapter 164. State Universities And Colleges--Regional Education--Archaeology
Chapter 164a. Higher Education Finance
Chapter 165. City Universities And Colleges
Chapter 165a. Proprietary Education
Chapter 166. Institutions For Vocational And Secondary Education
Chapter 167. Education Of The Physically Handicapped
Chapter 168. Educational Television

TITLE XIV. Libraries And Archives
Chapter 171. State Libraries--Librarians--State Archives And Records
Chapter 172. County Law Libraries
Chapter 173. City, County, And Regional Libraries

TITLE XV. Roads, Waterways, And Aviation
Chapter 174. Transportation Cabinet
Chapter 175. Turnpike Authority
Chapter 175a. County Turnpike Authority
Chapter 176. Department Of Highways
Chapter 177. State And Federal Highways -- Limited Access Facilities -- Turnpikes -- Road Bonds -- Billboards -- Recyclers
Chapter 178. County Roads--Grade Crossing Elimination
Chapter 179. County Road Engineer And Maintenance Of Public Roads
Chapter 180. State Bridges, Tunnels And Ferries
Chapter 181. County And City Bridges, Tunnels And Ferries
Chapter 182. Waterways And Milldams
Chapter 183. Aviation
Chapter 184. Public Road Districts

TITLE XVI. Motor Vehicles
Chapter 186. Licensing Of Motor Vehicles, Operators And Trailers
Chapter 186a. Automated Motor Vehicle Registration System
Chapter 187. Financial Responsibility Law
Chapter 188. Service Of Process On Nonresident Motorists
Chapter 189. Traffic Regulations--Vehicle Equipment And Storage
Chapter 189a. Driving Under The Influence
Chapter 190. Motor Vehicle Sales

TITLE XVII. Economic Security And Public Welfare
Chapter 194. Human Resources
Chapter 194a. Cabinet For Health Services
Chapter 194b. Cabinet For Families And Children
Chapter 195. Manpower Services
Chapter 196. Corrections
Chapter 197. Penitentiaries
Chapter 198. Houses Of Reform
Chapter 198a. Low-Cost Housing
Chapter 198b. Housing, Buildings, And Construction--Building Code
Chapter 199. Protective Services For Children--Adoption
Chapter 200. Assistance To Children
Chapter 201. Jefferson County Children's Home
Chapter 202. Hospitalization Of Mental Patients
Chapter 202a. Hospitalization Of The Mentally Ill
Chapter 202b. Mental Retardation Admission
Chapter 203. Incompetency Proceedings
Chapter 204. Poor Persons And Poorhouses
Chapter 205. Public Assistance And Medical Assistance
Chapter 206. Confederate Pensions
Chapter 207. Aid To The Needy Blind--Equal Opportunities
Chapter 208. Juvenile Proceedings--Commitment And Care Of Children
Chapter 208a. Juvenile Code General Provisions
Chapter 208b. Protective Services For Children
Chapter 208c. Termination Of Parental Rights
Chapter 208d. Status Offenders
Chapter 208e. Juvenile Public Offenders
Chapter 208f. Youthful Offenders
Chapter 208g. Treatment Of Children With Mental Disorders
Chapter 209. Protection Of Adults

TITLE XVIII. Public Health
Chapter 210. State And Regional Mental Health Programs
Chapter 211. State Health Programs
Chapter 212. Local Health Programs
Chapter 213. Vital Statistics
Chapter 214. Diseases
Chapter 215. Tuberculosis
Chapter 216. Health Facilities And Services
Chapter 216a. Licensing Of Nursing Home Administrators
Chapter 216b. Licensure And Regulation Of Health Facilities And Services
Chapter 217. Foods, Drugs, And Poisons
Chapter 217a. Poultry And Rabbit Inspection
Chapter 217b. Fertilizer And Pesticide Use And Application
Chapter 217c. Milk And Milk Products
Chapter 218. Uniform Narcotic Drug Act
Chapter 218a. Controlled Substances
Chapter 219. Hotel, Food Service, And Mobile Home And Recreational Vehicle Park Regulations
Chapter 220. Sanitation Districts
Chapter 221. Frozen Food Locker Plants
Chapter 222. Kentucky Alcohol And Other Drug Abuse Prevention, Intervention, And Treatment Law
Chapter 223. Sanitarians, Water Plant Operators, And Water Well Construction Practices
Chapter 224. Environmental Protection
Chapter 224a. Kentucky Infrastructure Authority

TITLE XIX. Public Safety And Morals
Chapter 226. Pawnbrokers
Chapter 227. Fire Prevention And Protection
Chapter 227a. Electricians And Electrical Contractors
Chapter 228. Dry Cleaning And Dyeing
Chapter 229. Boxing And Wrestling
Chapter 230. Racing
Chapter 231. Places Of Entertainment
Chapter 232. Nudist Societies
Chapter 233. Abatement Of Houses Of Prostitution
Chapter 234. Liquefied Petroleum Gas And Other Flammable Liquids
Chapter 235. Boats And Boating
Chapter 236. Boiler And Pressure Vessel Safety
Chapter 237. Firearms And Destructive Devices
Chapter 238. Charitable Gaming

TITLE XX. Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 241. Alcoholic Beverages--Administration And Control
Chapter 242. Alcoholic Beverages--Local Option
Chapter 243. Alcoholic Beverages--Licenses And Taxes
Chapter 244. Alcoholic Beverages--Prohibitions, Restrictions And Regulations

TITLE XXI. Agriculture And Animals
Chapter 246. Department Of Agriculture
Chapter 247. Promotion Of Agriculture And Horticulture
Chapter 248. Tobacco
Chapter 249. Trees, Plants, Weeds And Pests
Chapter 250. Agricultural Seeds, Feeding Stuffs And Fertilizers
Chapter 251. Grain Warehouses
Chapter 252. Apiaries
Chapter 253. Marks And Brands Of Livestock
Chapter 256. Fences
Chapter 257. Livestock And Poultry Disease Control
Chapter 258. Dogs
Chapter 259. Strays And Animals Running At Large
Chapter 260. Marketing Of Agricultural Products
Chapter 261. Stockyards
Chapter 262. Soil And Water Conservation
Chapter 263. Disposal Of Dead Animals

TITLE XXII. Levees, Drainage, And Reclamation Of Lands
Chapter 266. Levees
Chapter 267. Drainage And Reclamation Act Of 1912
Chapter 268. Drainage And Reclamation Act Of 1918
Chapter 269. Miscellaneous Provisions As To Ditches, Drainage, And Reclamation

TITLE XXIII. Private Corporations And Associations
Chapter 271. General Provisions Concerning Private Corporations
Chapter 271a. Private Corporations
Chapter 271b. Business Corporations
Chapter 272. Cooperative Corporations And Associations
Chapter 273. Religious, Charitable And Educational Societies -- Nonstock, Nonprofit Corporations
Chapter 274. Professional Service Corporations
Chapter 275. Limited Liability Companies

TITLE XXIV. Public Utilities
Chapter 276. Railroad Commission--Rates And Service Of Common Carriers
Chapter 277. Railroads--Organization And Operating Regulations
Chapter 278. Public Service Commission
Chapter 279. Rural Electric And Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporations
Chapter 280. Private Toll Bridges And Ferries
Chapter 281. Motor Carriers
Chapter 281a. Commercial Driver's Licenses

TITLE XXV. Business And Financial Institutions
Chapter 286. Department Of Business Regulation
Chapter 287. Banks And Trust Companies
Chapter 288. Consumer Loans
Chapter 289. Savings And Loan Associations
Chapter 290. Credit Unions
Chapter 291. Investment Companies--Industrial Loan Corporations
Chapter 292. Securities (Blue Sky Law)
Chapter 293. Kentucky Savings Bond Authority
Chapter 294. Mortgage Loan Companies And Loan Brokers
Chapter 295. Mortgage Guaranty Insurance
Chapter 296. [Repealed.]
Chapter 297. [Repealed.]
Chapter 298. [Repealed.]
Chapter 299. Assessment Or Cooperative Insurance
Chapter 300. Fraternal Benefit Societies
Chapter 301. Mutual Insurance Companies -- Other Than Life
Chapter 302. Reinsurance, Reciprocal And Lloyd's Plan Insurance
Chapter 303. Burial Associations
Chapter 304. Insurance Code
Chapter 306. Hotels
Chapter 307. Cemeteries

TITLE XXVI. Occupations And Professions
Chapter 309. Miscellaneous Occupations And Professions
Chapter 310. Dietitians And Nutritionists
Chapter 311. Physicians, Osteopaths, And Podiatrists
Chapter 311a. Emergency Medical Services
Chapter 312. Chiropractors
Chapter 313. Dentists And Dental Specialists
Chapter 314. Registered Nurses -- Practical Nurses
Chapter 314a. Respiratory Care Practitioners
Chapter 315. Pharmacists And Pharmacies
Chapter 316. Embalmers And Funeral Directors
Chapter 317. Barbers
Chapter 317a. Cosmetologists
Chapter 317b. Estheticians
Chapter 318. Plumbers And Plumbing
Chapter 319. Psychologists
Chapter 319a. Occupational Therapists
Chapter 320. Optometrists
Chapter 321. Veterinarians
Chapter 322. Professional Engineers And Land Surveyors
Chapter 322a. Professional Geologists
Chapter 323. Architects
Chapter 323a. Landscape Architecture
Chapter 324. Real Estate Brokers And Salesmen
Chapter 324a. Real Estate Appraisers
Chapter 325. Public Accountants
Chapter 326. Ophthalmic Dispensers
Chapter 327. Physical Therapists
Chapter 328. Watchmakers
Chapter 329. Detection Of Deception Examiners
Chapter 329a. Private Investigators
Chapter 330. Auctioneers And Auction House Operators
Chapter 331. Business Schools
Chapter 332. Driver Training Schools And Instructors
Chapter 333. Medical Laboratories
Chapter 334. Specialists In Hearing Instruments
Chapter 334a. Speech-Language Pathologists And Audiologists
Chapter 335. Social Workers And Professional Counselors
Chapter 335b. Licensing And Public Employment Qualifications

TITLE XXVII. Labor And Human Rights
Chapter 336. Labor Cabinet
Chapter 337. Wages And Hours
Chapter 338. Occupational Safety And Health Of Employees
Chapter 339. Child Labor
Chapter 340. Employment Agencies
Chapter 341. Unemployment Compensation
Chapter 342. Workers' Compensation
Chapter 343. Apprenticeship
Chapter 344. Civil Rights
Chapter 345. Collective Bargaining For Firefighters
Chapter 346. Compensation Of Crime Victims
Chapter 347. Persons With Developmental Disabilities

TITLE XXVIII. Mines And Minerals
Chapter 350. Surface Coal Mining
Chapter 351. Department Of Mines And Minerals
Chapter 352. Mining Regulations
Chapter 353. Mineral Conservation And Development
Chapter 354. Clay Mining

TITLE XXIX. Commerce And Trade
Chapter 355. Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 356. Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 357. Bank Collection Code
Chapter 358. Uniform Warehouse Receipts Act
Chapter 359. Warehouses And Warehousemen
Chapter 360. Interest And Usury
Chapter 361. Uniform Sales Act
Chapter 362. Partnerships
Chapter 363. Weights, Measures And Millers' Tolls
Chapter 364. Drifts, Logs And Timber
Chapter 365. Trade Practices
Chapter 366. Sale Of Checks Law
Chapter 367. Consumer Protection
Chapter 368. Check Cashing
Chapter 369. Information Technology

TITLE XXX. Contracts
Chapter 371. Formality And Assignability Of Contracts--Installment Sales Contracts
Chapter 372. Contracts Against Public Policy

TITLE XXXI. Debtor-Creditor Relations
Chapter 376. Statutory Liens
Chapter 377. Bulk Sales [Superseded]
Chapter 378. Fraudulent And Preferential Conveyances
Chapter 379. Voluntary Assignments
Chapter 380. Debt Adjusters

TITLE XXXII. Ownership And Conveyance Of Property
Chapter 381. Title To Property And Restrictions On Use, Ownership And Alienation
Chapter 382. Conveyances And Encumbrances
Chapter 383. Landlord And Tenant
Chapter 384. Control Of Property And Exercise Of Rights Of Persons In Armed Forces -- Contracts Of Infant War Veterans
Chapter 385. Uniform Transfers To Minors Act

TITLE XXXIII. Administration Of Trusts And Estates Of Persons Under Disability
Chapter 386. Administration Of Trusts -- Legal Investments -- Uniform Principal And Income Act
Chapter 387. Guardians -- Conservators -- Curators Of Convicts
Chapter 388. Uniform Veterans' Guardianship Act
Chapter 389. Sales Of Realty Of Persons Under Disability
Chapter 389a. Fiducial And Judicial Sales Of Real Estate

TITLE XXXIV. Descent, Wills, And Administration Of Decedents' Estates
Chapter 391. Descent And Distribution
Chapter 392. Dower And Curtesy
Chapter 393. Escheats
Chapter 394. Wills
Chapter 395. Personal Representatives
Chapter 396. Claims Against Decedents' Estates
Chapter 397. Uniform Simultaneous Death Act

TITLE XXXV. Domestic Relations
Chapter 401. Change Of Name
Chapter 402. Marriage
Chapter 403. Dissolution Of Marriage -- Child Custody
Chapter 404. Contracts And Separate Estate Of Married Women
Chapter 405. Parent And Child
Chapter 406. Uniform Act On Paternity
Chapter 407. Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement Of Support Act

TITLE XXXVI. Statutory Actions And Limitations
Chapter 411. Rights Of Action And Survival Of Actions
Chapter 412. Suretyship, Joint Obligations And Contribution
Chapter 413. Limitation Of Actions
Chapter 415. Repeal Or Vacation Of Charters -- Usurpation

TITLE XXXVII. Special Proceedings
Chapter 416. Eminent Domain
Chapter 417. Arbitration And Award
Chapter 418. Summary Proceedings -- Declaratory Judgments
Chapter 419. Habeas Corpus

TITLE XXXVIII. Witnesses, Evidence, Notaries, Commissioners Of Foreign Deeds, And Legal Notices
Chapter 421. Witnesses
Chapter 422. Evidence And Lost Records
Chapter 422a. Kentucky Rules Of Evidence
Chapter 423. Notaries Public And Commissioners Of Foreign Deeds
Chapter 424. Legal Notices

TITLE XXXIX. Provisional Remedies, Enforcement Of Judgments, And Exemptions
Chapter 425. Provisional Remedies
Chapter 426. Enforcement Of Judgments
Chapter 427. Exemptions

TITLE XL. Crimes And Punishments
Chapter 431. General Provisions Concerning Crimes And Punishments
Chapter 432. Offenses Against The State And Public Justice
Chapter 433. Offenses Against Property By Force
Chapter 434. Offenses Against Property By Fraud
Chapter 435. Offenses Against Persons
Chapter 436. Offenses Against Morality
Chapter 437. Offenses Against Public Peace -- Conspiracies
Chapter 438. Offenses Against Public Health And Safety
Chapter 439. Probation And Parole
Chapter 440. Escapes, Fugitives From Justice, And Extradition
Chapter 441. Jails And County Prisoners

Chapter 446. Construction Of Statutes
Chapter 447. Public Laws In Force -- Court Rules

TITLE XLII. Miscellaneous Pract