Michie's Hawaii Revised Statutes Annotated

Smart practitioners turn to Michie's Hawaii Revised Statutes Annotated as the foremost authoritative and comprehensive source for Hawaii primary law and court rules.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :30 volumes, hardbound, with two softbound Index volumes and current supp
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ISBN: 9780874733525
Publisher: Michie
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The Most Extensive and Easy-to-Use Source for Hawaii Code

Experienced practitioners count on Michie's Hawaii Revised Statutes Annotated as the foremost authoritative and comprehensive source for Hawaii primary law and court rules. This 30-volume hardbound set contains the entire statutory contents of the Hawaii Statutes, the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Hawaii, Historical Documents and statutory tables, all updated through the end of the latest legislative session.

Michie's Hawaii Revised Statutes Annotated is widely recognized as the most extensive, up-to-date and easy-to-use code available. In a complete and convenient single source, you get:

  • 30 volumes with current cumulative supplement
  • Authoritative statutory text, fully annotated
  • Comprehensive two-volume softbound index, replaced annually
  • Annotations based on:
  • * Hawaii cases and federal cases arising in Hawaii, including memorandum and summary disposition cases
    * State law reviews
    * ALR
    * Attorney General Opinions
  • All case citations Shepardized for accuracy

    The Advance Code Service supplement is a cumulative pamphlet which updates the Cumulative Supplement and contains annotations to the most recent state and federal court decisions as well as law review articles and other research references. The Annotated Court Rules Supplement contains the most recent amendments to Hawaii and Federal courts. Each rules set has its own topical index.

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    Table of contents

    DIVISION 1. Government 

    Title 1. General Provisions

    Title 2. Elections

    Title 3. Legislature

    Title 4. State Organization And Administration, Generally

    Title 5. State Financial Administration

    Title 6. County Organization And Administration

    Title 7. Public Officers And Employees

    Title 8. Public Proceedings And Records

    Title 9. Public Property, Purchasing And Contracting

    Title 10. Public Safety And Internal Security

    Title 11. Agriculture And Animals

    Title 12. Conservation And Resources

    Title 13. Planning And Economic Development

    Title 14. Taxation

    Title 15. Transportation And Utilities

    Title 16. Intoxicating Liquor

    Title 17. Motor And Other Vehicles

    Title 18. Education

    Title 19. Health

    Title 20. Social Services

    Title 21. Labor And Industrial Relations

    DIVISION 2. Business

    Title 22. Banks And Financial Institutions

    Title 23. Corporations And Partnerships

    Title 23a. Other Business Entities

    Title 24. Insurance

    Title 25. Professions And Occupations

    Title 26. Trade Regulation And Practice

    Title 27. Uniform Commercial Code

    DIVISION 3. Property; Family

    Title 28. Property

    Title 29. Decedents' Estates

    Title 30. Guardians And Trustees

    Title 30a. Uniform Probate Code

    Title 31. Family

    DIVISION 4. Courts And Judicial Proceedings

    Title 32. Courts And Court Officers

    Title 33. Evidence

    Title 34. Pleadings And Procedure

    Title 35. Appeal And Error

    Title 36. Civil Remedies And Defenses And Special Proceedings

    DIVISION 5. Crimes And Criminal Proceedings

    Title 37. Hawaii Penal Code

    Title 38. Procedural And Supplementary Provisions

    (Additional Supplements)