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Michie on Banks and Banking

Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (2 issues)

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Michie on Banks and Banking is an encyclopedic treatise based on exhaustive and continuous study of the case law involving the organization, functions, rights, powers, duties, and liabilities of banks and other financial institutions. With more than 100 subject matter titles, Michie on Banks and Banking addresses virtually any question attendant to banking law and practice.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Control and Regulation in General
Chapter 2 Incorporation, Organization and Incidents of Existence
Chapter 2A Insurance of Deposits
Chapter 3 Officers and Agents
Chapter 4 Capital Stock and Dividends
Chapter 5 Stockholders
Chapter 6 Insolvency and Dissolution
Chapter 7 Bank Franchises and Powers of Their Exercise in General
Chapter 8 Representation of Bank by Officers and Agents
Chapter 9 Deposits
Chapter 10 Collections
Chapter 11 Loans and Discounts
Chapter 12 Exchange, Money, Securities and Investments
Chapter 13 Circulating Notes
Chapter 14 Actions
Chapter 15 National Banks
Chapter 16 Savings Banks
Chapter 17 Loan, Trust and Investment Companies
Chapter 18 Clearinghouses
Chapter 19 Taxation
General Index
Regulations of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System