Medina's Bostwick Practice Manual

Long considered the most valuable, practical desk set for the general practitioner, Medina's Bostwick is an 11-volume New York general civil practice forms set.

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Print Book:11 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with revisions
ISBN: 9780820513805
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Long considered the most valuable, practical desk set for the general practitioner, Medina's Bostwick is an 11-volume New York general civil practice forms set. The broad array of forms addresses every major area that a general practitioner is likely to cover in his or her practice. The multiplicity of practice-tested forms (more than 4200) ensures that the practitioner is likely to find precisely the form he or she needs in a specific area.

The set is divided into five major parts: Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR), Civil Litigation, Surrogate's Court Practice, Appellate Practice, and Forms of Instruments. The first three (CPLR, Civil Litigation, and Surrogate's Court Practice) are litigation-related areas for which Medina's provides sample complaints, answers, affidavits, notices of motion, petitions, orders, etc. Appellate Practice provides the requisite forms to bring a successful appeal to the New York Appellate Division or Court of Appeals. The Forms of Instruments provides numerous transactional forms that a civil practice attorney is likely to use, from an attorney retainer agreement to a lease, deed, will, or trust. A more complete look at Medina's coverage shows:

(1) Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR) (forms keyed to specific sections of the CPLR relevant to pleadings, service, motion practice, disclosure, accelerated judgments, trial motions, enforcement of judgments, arbitration, proceedings against public body or officer, attachment, and much more)
(2) Civil Litigation (forms relevant to enforcing an attorney's lien, debtor and creditor actions, actions based on Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), actions based on Mental Hygiene Law, injunction, child support, separation/annulment/divorce, mechanic's liens, real property actions (mortgage foreclosure, partition, rent strike, etc.), worker's compensation, vehicular negligence, actions relating to Insurance Law, and much more)
(3) Surrogate's Court Practice (forms coverage relevant to estate administration, probate, guardianship, ancillary estate administration, claims against estate, accounting for the estate, filing the estate tax)
(4) Appellate Practice
(5) Forms of Instruments (transactional forms to be used in civil practice such as affidavits, assignments, attorney retainer agreements, bonds, security agreements, antenuptial and matrimonial agreements, powers of attorney, contracts for sale of real property, deeds, mortgages, leases, trusts, wills, and much more).

Each chapter begins with a brief practice checklist, which covers the salient legal issues to be considered in a particular area, with relevant statutory cross-references and practice tips.

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Table of contents


Chapter 1 CPLR Article 3 Jurisdiction, Service, Appearance and Choice of Court

Chapter 2 CPLR Article 4 Special Proceedings; Generally

Chapter 3 CPLR Article 5 Venue

Chapter 4 CPLR Article 6 Joinder of Claims, Consolidation and Severance

Chapter 5 CPLR Article 10 Parties; Generally

Chapter 6 CPLR Article 11 Poor Persons

Chapter 7 CPLR Article 12 Infants and Incapacitated Persons

Chapter 8 CPLR Article 14 Contribution

Chapter 9 CPLR Article 20 Mistakes, Omissions, Defects, Irregularities and Extensions of Time

Chapter 10 CPLR Article 21 Papers; Stipulations

Chapter 11 CPLR Article 22 Stays, Motions, Orders and Mandates

Chapter 12 CPLR Article 23 Subpoenas, Oaths and Affirmations

Chapter 13 CPLR Article 25 Undertakings

Chapter 14 CPLR Article 30 Remedies and Pleadings

Chapter 15 CPLR Article 31 Disclosure


Chapter 16 CPLR Article 32 Accelerated Judgments

Chapter 17 CPLR Article 34 Calendar Practice; Trial Preference

Chapter 18 CPLR Article 40 Trial Generally

Chapter 19 CPLR Article 41 Trial by a Jury

Chapter 20 CPLR Article 42 Trial by the Court

Chapter 21 CPLR Article 44 Trial Motions

Chapter 22 CPLR Article 50 Judgments Generally

Chapter 23 CPLR Article 51 Enforcement of Judgments and Orders Generally

Chapter 24 CPLR Article 52 Enforcement of Money Judgments

Chapter 25 CPLR Article 53 Recognition of Foreign Country Money Judgments

Chapter 26 CPLR Article 54 Enforcement of Judgments Entitled to Full Faith and Credit

Chapter 27 CPLR Article 65 Notice of Pendency

Chapter 28 CPLR Article 75 Arbitration

Chapter 29 CPLR Article 78 Proceeding Against Body or Officer

Chapter 30 CPLR Article 84 Taxation of Costs

Chapter 30A CPLR Article 62 Attachment


Chapter 31 Attorney's Compensation and Liens

Chapter 32 Debtor and Creditor

Chapter 32A Actions and Proceedings Relating to the Uniform Commercial Code: Sales--UCC Article 2

Chapter 32B Actions and Proceedings Relating to the Uniform Commercial Code: Bulk Transfers--UCC Article 6

Chapter 33 Proceedings Related to Alcoholic Beverage Licenses and Permits

Chapter 34 Change of Name

Chapter 35 Actions and Proceedings Relating to Mental Hygiene Law

Chapter 36 Injunction


Chapter 37 Actions and Proceedings in the Court of Claims

Chapter 38 Actions and Proceedings Against Municipalities, Public Corporations and their Agencies

Chapter 39 Temporary Maintenance, Child Support and Counsel Fees

Chapter 40 Enforcement of Maintenance Provisions

Chapter 41 Annulment Actions and Actions Declaring Nullity of Void Marriages

Chapter 42 Divorce and Dissolution Actions

Chapter 43 Separation Actions

Chapter 44 Proceedings for Child Custody and Visitation

Chapter 45 Family Court Proceedings

Chapter 45A Actions and Proceedings Relating to the Social Services Law


Chapter 46 Actions and Proceedings Relating to Mechanic's Liens

Chapter 47 Actions and Proceedings Relating to Mortgage Foreclosure

Chapter 48 Partition

Chapter 49 Real Property Tax Review Proceedings

Chapter 50 Recovery of Chattel


Chapter 51 Summary Proceedings

Chapter 51A Actions and Proceedings Relating to Zoning

Chapter 51B Rent Strike Proceedings under RPAPL Article 7-A

Chapter 52 Actions and Proceedings Relating to the Workers' Compensations Law

Chapter 53 Vehicular Negligence and Defective Highway Conditions


Chapter 54 Substantive Complaints

Chapter 55 Actions and Proceedings Relating to the Insurance Law

Chapter 56 Actions and Proceedings Relating to the Judiciary Law

Chapter 56A Actions and Proceedings Relating to the Human Rights Law

Chapter 56B Actions and Proceedings Relating to the Retirement and Social Security Law


Chapter 57 Opening Safe Deposit Box

Chapter 58 Settlement of Small Estates Without Court Administration

Chapter 59 Administration

Chapter 60 Probate

Chapter 61 Preliminary Letters Testamentary

Chapter 62 Temporary Administration

Chapter 63 Ancillary Letters

Chapter 64 Guardian Ad Litem

Chapter 65 Guardian of Infant

Chapter 66 Guardian of a Mentally Retarded or Developmentally Disabled Person

Chapter 67 Right of Election by Surviving Spouse

Chapter 68 Claims Against Estates

Chapter 69 Miscellaneous Proceedings

Chapter 70 Estate Tax


Chapter 71 Accounting

Chapter 72 Adoption

Chapter 73 Appellate Practice


Chapter 78 Acknowledgments

Chapter 79 Affidavits

Chapter 80 Agreements

Chapter 81 Assignments

Chapter 82 Attorney's Retainer Agreements

Chapter 83 Bonds and Undertakings

Chapter 84 Certificates

Chapter 85 Chattel Mortgages

Chapter 86 UCC Article 9--Secured Transactions

Chapter 87 Business Corporations

Chapter 88 Debtor and Creditor; See Vol. 3, Ch. 32

Chapter 89 Matrimonial Agreements

Chapter 90 Partnership Agreements and Certificates

Chapter 90A Limited Liability Companies

Chapter 90B Professional Services Corporations

Chapter 91 Powers of Attorney

Chapter 92 Contracts for Sale of Real Property

Chapter 93 Title Closing


Chapter 94 Deeds

Chapter 95 Mortgages, Bonds and Notes

Chapter 96 Leases

Chapter 97 Real Estate Entities

Chapter 98 Releases

Chapter 99 Trusts

Chapter 100 Wills