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Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Wages And Hours

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ISBN: 9781632835734
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Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Wages And Hours provides practical guidance on the most significant wage and hours issues in California. It covers minimum wage coverage, exemptions from minimum wages and overtime, and restrictions on hours of work; determining compensable hours and calculating proper wage payments; wage payment: time, place, manner, and permissible deductions; administrative and judicial remedies; child labor laws; and wage and hour class actions.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1: Overview of Wage and Hour Laws

Chapter 2: Minimum Wage Coverage, Exemptions from Minimum Wages and Overtime, and Restrictions on Hours of Work

Chapter 3: Determining Compensable Hours and Calculating Proper Wage Payments

Chapter 4: Wage Payment: Time, Place, Manner, and Permissible Deductions

Chapter 5: Administrative and Judicial Remedies Under Wage and Hour Laws

Chapter 6: Child Labor Laws

Chapter 7: Wage and Hour Class Actions