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Mastering Appellate Advocacy and Process, Revised Printing

This book covers the range of appellate procedures in use across the United States as well as legal analysis, drafting, oral advocacy techniques, and more.
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ISBN: 9781531001070
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Book Edition: 2016-05

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Mastering Appellate Advocacy and Process covers the range of appellate procedures in use across the United States, from preserving error below and on appeal, filing the notice of appeal, compiling the record, as well as appealable orders and judgments, proper parties on appeal, and appellate jurisdiction. The book also covers legal analysis, drafting, and advocacy techniques used in preparing appellate briefs, as well as oral advocacy techniques in a discussion that is useful to novices and old hands. Written for practicing lawyers as well as students, the book also includes a chapter devoted to that particular law school exercise known as moot court, identifying how typical moot court competitions are like, and unlike, real world appellate practice. The authors delve into technical waters while maintaining an accessible tone and structure, taking nothing for granted in terms of pre-existing knowledge or experience in the appellate field.