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The MLPL is a series of authored works covering core areas of Massachusetts.
Publisher: Michie
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Publisher: Michie
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The MLPL is a series of authored works covering core areas of Massachusetts legal practice, including some of the fastest growing areas of litigation. These time-saving resources will provide you with practical solutions that are backed by current case law and applicable citations. Within each volume, the authors give suggestions and advice based on years of specialization in their field. It's all here in these concise and indispensable references.

The MLPL is being published sequentially and will eventually include more than a dozen titles composed of more than 20 volumes. Drawing upon the expertise of some of the most distinguished judges and practicing attorneys in Massachusetts, the MLPL is destined to become the most comprehensive, authoritative, and practically focused reference tool available to Commonwealth attorneys.

Each title is available individually, or as part of the series. Subscribe now to the MLPL, and receive 20% off these titles, and each subsequent title.

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Table of contents

[Volumes 1 and 2 - Reserved] 

Massachusetts Elder Law (Volume 3)

Chapter 1 Elders and Elder Law

Chapter 2 Counseling Elders

Chapter 3 Financial Management and Planning For Retirement

Chapter 4 Estate Planning

Chapter 5 Planning For Incapacity: Financial Management

Chapter 6 Planning For Medical Decisions: Incapacity and End of Life

Chapter 7 Health Insurance

Chapter 8 Long-Term Care Insurance

Chapter 9 Masshealth Eligibility

Chapter 10 Masshealth Penalties For Transfers

Chapter 11 Asset Protection Strategies Regarding Long-term Care

Chapter 12 Masshealth Benefits Request Procedures

Chapter 13 Guardianships and Conservatorships

Chapter 14 Housing and Non-Institutional Alternatives

Chapter 15 Nursing Homes

Chapter 16 Litigating Elder Issues

Chapter 17 Managing an Elder Law Practice

Massachusetts Tort Damages, Second Edition (Volume 4)

Ch 1 - Introduction

Ch 2 - Case Evaluation

Ch 3 - Bodily Injury

Ch 4 - Wrongful Death Actions and Survival Actions

Ch 5 - Wrongful Life, Birth and Adoption

Ch 6 - Mental and Emotional Distress

Ch 7 - Professional Malpractice Actions

Ch 8 - Harm to Property

Ch 9 - Intentional Torts

Ch 10 - Injunctive and Declaratory Relief

Ch 11 - Loss of Consortium

Ch 12 - Consumer Protection Act

Ch 13 - Restrictions on Recovery

Ch 14 - Pleadings, Records and Forms

Ch 15 - Costs, Interest and Attorneys' Fees

Ch 16 - Contribution and Indemnity

Ch 17 - Taxation of Damage Awards

Ch 18 - Expert Testimony



Massachusetts Real Estate, Third Edition (Volumes 5 and 6)


Ch 1 - Purchase and Sale of Residential Real Estate Law and Practice

Ch 2 - Zoning, Planning and the Plan

Ch 3 - Zoning, Regulatory Takings

Ch 4 - Zoning, The Comprehensive Permit Law

Ch 5 - Zoning, General Principles of Law

Ch 6 - Zoning, Exemptions from Local Regulation

Ch 7 - Zoning, the Practice

Ch 8 - Regulations Protecting Natural Resources, In General

Ch 9 - Wetlands Protection, the Practice

Ch 10 - Subdivision Control, General Principles Of Law

Ch 11 - Subdivision Control, the Practice

Ch 12 - Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgages Law and Practice

Ch 13 - Summary Process, General Principles of Law

Ch 14 - Summary Process, the Practice

Ch 15 - The Characteristics and Uses of Nominee Realty Trusts, General Principles Of Law

Ch 16 - The Characteristics and Uses of Nominee Trusts, The Practice

Ch 17 - Real Estate Tax Abatements and Exemptions

Ch 18 - Real Estate Tax Abatements and Exemptions, The Practice

Ch 19 - Drafting a Commercial Lease, the Practice

Ch 20 - Registration and Confirmation of Title to Real Estate, The Practice


Checklists and Forms

1 - Representation of Seller/Buyer in Real Estate Transactions

4 - The Comprehensive Permit Law

7 - Zoning, Obtaining Building or Zoning Permits

8 & 9 - Regulations Protecting Natural Resources; Wetlands Protection

11 - Subdivision Control

13 - Foreclosure of Mortgages

14 - Summary Process

16 - The Characteristics and Use of Nominee Trusts

18 - Real Estate Tax Abatements and Exemptions

19 - Drafting a Commercial Lease

20 - Registration and Confirmation of Title to Real Estate


Appendix A - Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Regulations

Appendix B - Massachusetts Environmental Code, Title 5: Minimum Requirements For the Subsurface Disposal of Sanitary Sewage

Appendix C - Uniform Summary Process Rules

Appendix D - Excerpt from Department of Public Health Lead Paint Notification and Removal Regulations

Appendix E - Historical Site Protection Regulations and Forms

Appendix F - Massachusetts Waterways Regulations (310 CMR 9.00)

Appendix G - Programmatic General Permit for Massachusetts

Appendix h - Comprehensive Permit Regulations

Appendix I - Websites

Massachusetts Corporations and Other Business Entities, Second Edition (Volume 7)

Part I - The Planning Process

Ch 1 - Deciding Whether to Incorporate

Ch 2 - Business and Tax Planning Considerations

Ch 3 - Ownership and Management Considerations

Ch 4 - Professional Corporations

Ch 5 - Non-Profit Corporations

Part II - Corporate Procedures

Ch 6 - Incorporation Procedures

Ch 7 - Massachusetts Corporation Data Packet

Ch 8 - Maintaining the Corporation

Ch 9 - Deadlock, Liquidation and Dissolution

Ch 10 - Forms

Appendix A - Secretary of the Commonwealth - Division of Corporations - Fee Schedule

Appendix B - Business Corporation Law (M.G.L. c. 156B)

Appendix C - Professional Corporation Law (M.G.L. c.156A)

Appendix D - Corporations for Charitable and Certain Other Purposes (M.G.L. c. 180)

Appendix E - 950 C.M.R. 101-112 - Secretary of the Commonwealth - Regulation Filing and Publication

Appendix F - Limited Liability Company Law (M.G.L. c. 156C)


Guardianship & Conservatorship in Massachusetts (Volume 8)

Chapter 1 Introduction to Guardianship and Conservatorship Law in Massachusetts

Chapter 2 Guardianship Standards for Appointment and Competency

Chapter 3 Guardianship Practice and Procedure

Chapter 4 Temporary Guardians and Special Guardians

Chapter 5 Mental Health Civil Commitment

Chapter 6 Medical Treatment Decisions--The Substituted Judgment Determination

Chapter 7 Guardianships with the Authority to Administer Antipsychotic Medication

Chapter 8 Conservatorship

Chapter 9 Guardianship of Minors

Massachusetts Domestic Relations (Volumes 9 and 10)


Ch 1 - Overview

Ch 2 - Preliminary Steps and Representation

Ch 3 - Grounds for Divorce

Ch 4 - Jurisdiction and Venue

Ch 5 - Commencement of Action and Responsive Pleadings

Ch 6 - Interlocutory Relief

Ch 7 - Financial Statements

Ch 8 - Custody of Minor Children and Visitation

Ch 9 - Guardian Ad Litem

Ch 10 - Child Support

Ch 11 - Alimony

Ch 12 - Division of Marital Assets

Ch 13 - Discovery, In General

Ch 14 - Case Management Conference, Pre-Trial Conference, Master's Hearings


Ch 15 - Agreements and Uncontested Trials

Ch 16 - Contested Trials, Trial Preparation, Consolidation, Impoundment & Dismissals

Ch 17 - Judgment and Post Judgment Remedies

Ch 18 - Counsel Fees

Ch 19 - Contempt Actions

Ch 20 - Modifications

Ch 21 - Appeals

Ch 22 - Abuse Prevention

Ch 23 - Children Born Out of Wedlock

Ch 24 - Annulments, Separate Support, Affirmation of Marriage, Complaints for Support

Ch 25 - Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Table of Cases

Table of Statutory References


Massachusetts Landlord Tenant Law (Volume 11)

Ch 1 - Tenancies, Possession, and Transfers of Interest

Ch 2 - Agents, Managers, and Real Estate Trusts

Ch 3 - Termination by Agreement, Surrender, and Operation of Law

Ch 4 - Termination by Notice to Quit

Ch 5 - Termination for Breach of Express or Implied Terms of the Tenancy

Ch 6 - Claims and Defenses for Rent and Use and Occupation

Ch 7 - Actions for Possession

Ch 8 - Summary Process Procedure

Ch 9 - Chapter 239, Section 8A

Ch 10 - Defenses to Eviction

Ch 11 - Trial and Judgment

Ch 12 - Interest, Costs, and Attorney's Fees

Ch 13 - Execution and Appeal

Ch 14 - Issues in Landlord-Tenant Practice

Ch 15 - Consumer Protection

Ch 16 - Warranty of Habitability, Quiet Enjoyment, and Other Causes of Action

Ch 17 - Security Deposits and Rent Paid in Advance

Appendix of Statutes, Regulations and Orders