Maryland Legislative Review Service

A convenient early overview of the annual legislation enacted by the General Assembly, arranged topically.
Publisher: Michie

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2019 Edition
ISBN: 9781522175292
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The Maryland Legislative Review Service provides an early overview of the annual legislation enacted by the General Assembly and signed into law by the Governor. Composed by the expert LexisNexis editorial team, the enactments are presented in a topical arrangement. Information includes an overview of each chapter, articles and sections of the Code affected, how they were affected, and the effective date of each enactment.

Published two months prior to the shipment of the annual Cumulative Supplement to Michie's Annotatetd Code of Maryland, the Legislative Review Service provides early notice of legislative changes in a topical format that makes it easy for the practitioner to locate information on the subject of interest, such as Cities and Towns, Counties, Education, Elderly, Juvenile Law, Social Services, Vehicle laws, in addition to the named article topics. It provides a continuing reference for locating changes in a given year's legislation for a given topic.

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Table of Contents

Sample of Table of Contents

I. Agriculture

II. Alcoholic Beverages - Local

III. Alcoholic Beverages - Statewide

IV. Animals, Fish And Reptiles

V. Bi-County Agencies

VI. Business Regulation And Occupations

VII. Capital Budget

VIII. Children

IX. Civil Actions And Procedures

X. Commercial Law - Consumer Protection

XI. Commercial Law - Generally

XII. Corporations And Associations

XIII. Counties - Generally

XIV. Counties - Local Laws

XV. Courts And Court Personnel - Local

XVI. Courts And Court Personnel - Statewide

XVII. Criminal Law - Procedure

XVIII. Criminal Law - Substantive Crimes

XIX. Disabled Persons

XX. Economic And Community Development

XXI. Education - Local Bills

XXII. Education - Miscellaneous

XXIII. Elderly

XXIV. Elections

XXV. Environment

XXVI. Estates And Trusts

XXVII. Ethics

XXVIII. Family Law

XXIX. Financial Institutions

XXX. Gaming

XXXI. Health Care Facilities And Regulation

XXXII. Health Occupations

XXXIII. Higher Education

XXXIV. Horse Racing

XXXV. Hunting And Fishing

XXXVI. Insurance - Health

XXXVII. Insurance - Other Than Health

XXXVIII.Juvenile Law

XXXIX. Local Debt (Bonds)

XL. Military - Veterans

XLI. Municipal Corporations

XLII. Natural Resources - Generally

XLIII. Operating Budget

XLIV. Primary And Secondary Education

XLV. Prior Authorizations

XLVI. Private Sector Labor And Industry

XLVII. Public Health

XLVIII. Public Safety

XLIX. Real Property

L. Social Services - Generally

LI. State Debt (Bonds)

LII. State Government - Agencies, Offices, And Officials

LIII. State Government - General Assembly

LIV. State Government - Personnel

LV. State Government - Procurement

LVI. State Government - Regulations And Procedures

LVII. State Pensions And Retirement

LVIII. Taxes - Income

LIX. Taxes - Miscellaneous

LX. Taxes - Miscellaneous - Local

LXI. Taxes - Property

LXII. Taxes - Property - Local

LXIII. Taxes - Recordation And Transfer

LXIV. Taxes - Sales And Use

LXV. Taxes - Transportation

LXVI. Transportation - Generally

LXVII. Transportation - Highways

LXVIII. Unemployment Insurance

LXIX. Utility Regulation

LXX. Vehicle Laws - Drunk Driving

LXXI. Vehicle Laws - Equipment And Inspections

LXXII. Vehicle Laws - General

LXXIII. Vehicle Laws - Licensing And Registration

LXXIV. Vehicle Laws - Miscellaneous

LXXV. Vehicle Laws - Rules Of The Road

XXVI. Workers' Compensation