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Little Book of Basketball Law

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ISBN: 9781614389446
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On a rainy day in December of 1891, Dr. James Naismith was trying to keep his gym class active with a fun indoor game that could also keep up the requisite level of fitness through the long Massachusetts winter. After rejecting several existing sports as badly suited to the indoors or too rough, he nailed a peach basket onto an elevated track and wrote the basic rules of the game we now know as basketball.

Dr. Naismith never could have foreseen the skill, popularity, and financial rise of the game he inadvertently created. And of course, with prominence and money come interesting legal dilemmas. Explore 13 fascinating cases that have arisen at all levels of the game in The Little Book of Basketball Law.

Part of the acclaimed Little Book series, this addition provides a look at the laws that intersect the game of basketball in an easy-to-relate-to manner that is both entertaining and informative. Each chapter title poses a question of which the text then answers, with most case information comes from the decision or decisions cited in the chapter title. The "to the Hoop" section contains updates with current applications of the cases. So, take a fascinating look at the legal side of basketball from Kareem Abdul Jabbar's trademark and right of publicity suit against General Motors, to Irving Levin's attempt to purchase the Celtics, and lesser known cases dealing with ticket distribution, renewal rights to season tickets, an athlete's rights, the use of eminent domain for the building of a basketball arena, player-to-player injuries, franchise movement, sexual harassment, and more. It's the perfect addition to any lawyer/sport fan's library!

Table of Contents

•   Lightly Seasoned Tickets: The Rights of Season Ticket Holders

•   Picking Off Name Brands: Professional Basketball Players and the Rights to Their Names

•   Boxing Out Potential Owners Contentious Team Sales

•   Double Team: Two Teams, One City

•   Ejected! Is the NCAA a State Player?

•   Flagrant Fouls: Who’s responsible when a player gets hurt?

•   Only 24 Seconds to Shoot: The NBA and Television

•   Keeping Trax of Steals Per Game: Can a basketball game be copyrighted?

•   Off the Court and into the Stands: NBA Commissioner Authority

•   Stepping into the High-tops: Prospective NBA Players and the Collective Bargaining Agreement

•   Team Fouls: Too Much Trauma

•   Incidental Contact Sexual Harassment in the Front Office

•   Outside the Paint: Spectator Injuries