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Litigating Employment Discrimination Cases

Publisher: James Publishing

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2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781945421167
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2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781945421167
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Litigating Employment Discrimination Cases

Most employment discrimination books deliver black-letter law and omit strategies, pitfalls, and forms. Andrew H. Friedman's Litigating Employment Discrimination Cases takes a more practical approach.

Focusing on evaluation, discovery, summary judgment, and mediation, this affordable strategic guide delivers proven tactics, pattern arguments, common mistakes, and model forms for experienced plaintiff and defense lawyers. The book's collection of over 180 forms includes:

•   Engagement letters
•   Complaints
•   Demand letters
•   Deposition outlines
•   Pattern interrogatories
•   Requests for production
•   Mediation briefs and letters
•   Settlement agreements
•   Juror questionnaires
•   Motions in limine

Litigating Employment Discrimination Cases is packed with pattern arguments supported by thousands of recent cases with parentheticals and pinpoint citations, pleadings, motions, discovery documents, deposition outlines, pitfalls to avoid, and, most importantly, practice-proven tactics and techniques. Some of the areas covered include:


•   Defending employer's efforts to interview the plaintiff.
•   Controlling ancillary proceedings.

Summary judgment

•   Summary judgment oriented deposition tips for employers.


•   Common defense motions in limine, with extensive case authorities on stray remarks and me-too evidence.
•   Strategies and citations for opposing these defense motions.

Table of Contents

Federal Statutes Prohibiting Discrimination
Theories and Proof of Discrimination
Related State Torts
Case Evaluation
Expert Witnesses
Summary Judgment Practice and Procedure
Pre-Trial Procedures and Documents
Resolution without Trial
Bankruptcy Issues in Employment Litigation
Insurance Issues in Employment Litigation