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Liquor Liability Law

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Comprehensive coverage of civil liability of tavern owners, social hosts, employers, and others, for negligent service of alcohol to intoxicated persons and minors. Who can sue, who can be sued, and what actions give rise to liability are some of the issues that are fully explored.

Both common law and statutory claims are discussed. Includes all dram shop statutes.

Other features of the set include:

•  Extensive practice materials: Forms, sample pleadings and checklists
•  Step-by-step explanation of how to investigate and litigate a liquor liability case
•  Discussion of scientific issues by a forensic toxicologist, Harvey M. Cohen, Ph.D.
•  State summaries, putting the law of each state in capsule form
•  Chart of illustrative awards and settlements
•  Text and analysis of the Model Dram Shop Act

First published in 1987.

2 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with supplements and revisions.


James F. Mosher, Director,
APIP, Trauma Foundation, San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco, California; Gail Susan Boertzel, Associate, Stephen S. Weinstein, PC, Morristown, New Jersey; Kevin P. Clune, Associate Attorney, J. Russell Clune, PC, Harrison, New York; J. Russell Clune, President, J. Russell Clune, PC, Harrison, New York; Harvey M. Cohen, Director, Cambridge Technical Associates, Needham, Massachusetts; Marc L. Cohen, Associate Attorney, Kaufman and Payton, Farmington Hills & Detroit, Michigan; Victor J. Colman, Legal Research Analyst, Prevention Research Center, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, San Francisco, California; John W. Guendelsberger, Associate Professor, Claude E. Pettit College of Law, Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio; Colleen Harrington, Attorney and Legal Research Analyst, Pullman, Washington; Peter Jan Honigsberg, Professor and Director, Legal Writing and Research Program, Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, California; Kathleen Miller Janes, Attorney, Oakland, California; Alan Jay Kaufman, Partner, Kaufman and Payton, Farmington Hills & Detroit, Michigan; Kenneth J. Mendelsohn, Partner, Beasley, Wilson, Mendelsohn & Jemison, PC, Montgomery, Alabama; Donald L. Payton, Partner, Farmington Hills & Detroit, Michigan; Mark J. Roberts, Partner, Locke Reynolds Boyd & Weisell, Indianapolis, Indiana; Robert Roth, Attorney, Berkeley, California; Martha L. Sokol, Attorney, Mamaroneck, New York; Robert M. Solomon, Professor, University of Western Ontario Law School, London, Canada; Sandra Varano, Attorney, Weiner, Ostrager, Fieldman and Zucker, Hackensack, New Jersey; Richard J. Weiner, Attorney, Weiner, Ostrager, Fieldman and Zucker, Hackensack, New Jersey; Stephen Saul Weinstein, Attorney, Morristown, New Jersey

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Table of Contents

Volume 1

Ch 1 Introduction: Approaching a Liquor Liability Case

Ch 2 Overview of Dram Shop Statutes

Ch 3 Dram Shop Statutes: Plaintiffs

Ch 4 Dram Shop Statutes: Defendants

Ch 5 Dram Shop Statutes: Acts Giving Rise to Liability

Ch 6 Dram Shop Statutes: Defenses and Statutory Limitations

Ch 7 Dram Shop Statutes: Recoverable Damages

Chs 8-10 [Reserved]

Ch 11 Common Law Actions: Plaintiffs

Ch 12 Common Law Actions: Defendants

Ch 13 Common Law Actions: Scope of Duty

Ch 14 Common Law Actions: Causation

Ch 15 Common Law Actions: Damages

Ch 16 Common Law Actions: Defenses

Ch 17 Employer Liability

Ch 18 Contribution and Indemnity: Settlement and Release

Ch 19 Insurance Coverage

Ch 20 Canadian Dram Shop Liability Law

Volume 2

Ch 21 Server Intervention

Ch 22 Blood Alcohol Concentration and Liquor Liability

Ch 23 Practice and Procedure: Preliminary Investigation

Ch 24 Pre-Trial Strategy

Ch 25 Trial Strategy

Ch 26 Conflict of Laws

Appendix A State Summaries

Appendix B The Model Alcoholic Beverage Retail Licensee Liability Act of 1985

Appendix C An Act Regarding the Establishment of Alcohol Server Training Programs

Appendix D Illustrative Awards and Settlements

Appendix E The Model Responsible Server Training Act of 1987



Table of Cases

Table of Statutes