Library of Georgia Family Law Forms

By Randall M. Kessler
Publisher: ALM

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4th Edition
ISBN: 9781576259597
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Product description

New checklists and forms include:
•  Sample motions for frozen embryo custody litigation
•  Financial document checklists
•  Client interview checklist
•  Close file checklist

The Library of Georgia Family Law Forms includes more than 250 sample documents for use in your family law matter. The forms are divided into the following sections:
•  Initial Pleadings
•  Service
•  Legal Representation/Administration
•  Uncontested Divorce
•  Sample Settlement Agreement Provisions
•  Financial Affidavits and Worksheets
•  Sample Motions
•  Discovery
•  Restraining Orders and Injunctions
•  Custody and Visitation
•  Equitable Distribution of Marital Property
•  Attorney's Fees and Litigation Expenses
•  Equitable Relief/Contempt
•  Trial Preparation
•  Judgments
•  Income Deduction Orders
•  Post-Judgment Relief/Appeal
•  Modification
•  Domestication
•  Paternity/Legitimation
•  Name Change
•  Legal Separation/Separate Maintenance
•  Fulton County Family Division
•  Hague Convention
•  Miscellaneous

You'll find sample documents and forms to bring your matter from start to finish. Low-tech and easy to use, the CD allows for easy drafting and editing of a large variety of Word documents. The 8 x 11 soft cover book contains a printed version of each form, and is organized to bring you through your case start to finish.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Initial Pleadings

Chapter 2. Service

Chapter 3. Legal Representation/Administration

Chapter 4. Uncontested Divorce

Chapter 5. Sample Settlement Agreement Provisions

Chapter 6. Financial Affidavits and Worksheets

Chapter 7. Sample Motions

Chapter 8. Discovery

Chapter 9. Restraining Orders and Injunctions

Chapter 10. Custody and Visitation

Chapter 11. Equitable Distribution of Marital Property

Chapter 12. Attorney's Fees and Litigation Expenses

Chapter 13. Equitable Relief and Contempt

Chapter 14. Trial Preparation

Chapter 15. Judgments

Chapter 16. Income Deduction Orders

Chapter 17. Post-Judgment Relief and Appeal

Chapter 18. Modification

Chapter 19. Domestication

Chapter 20. Paternity/Legitimation

Chapter 21. Name Change

Chapter 22. Legal Separation and Separate Maintenance

Chapter 23. UCCJEA

Chapter 24. UIFSA

Chapter 25. Fulton County Family Division

Chapter 26. Hague Convention

Chapter 27. Miscellaneous