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All the state, local, and federal rules you need for your South Dakota practice.
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This two-volume set includes all rules of practice and procedure from Titles 15, 16, 19 and 23A, as approved by the South Dakota Supreme Court and codified by the South Dakota Legislature. Also included are the:

- Local Rules of Practice of the United States District Court for the District of South Dakota--Criminal, Civil
- Rules for the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, including an integration of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure where adopted by the Eighth Circuit
- United States Bankruptcy Court District of South Dakota
- Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 (25 U.S.C., sec. 1901 to 196) as well as Guidelines for State Courts: Indian Child Custody Proceedings Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs

Both volumes are heavily annotated with case notes derived from decisions of the South Dakota Supreme Court and appropriate Federal Courts.

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Table of Contents


Chapter Page

15-1. General Provisions

15-2. Limitation of Actions

15-2A. Suits Involving Improvements to Real Estate

15-3. Actions for the Recovery of Real Property — Adverse Possession

15-4. Survival of Actions

15-5. Venue

15-5A. Interactive Audiovisual Device Use in Court Proceedings

15-6. Circuit Court Rules of Procedure

15-7. Personal Jurisdiction

15-8. Remedies on Joint Liability

15-9. Service of Process and Commencement of Actions

15-10. Lis Pendens

15-11. Circuit Court Calendars

15-12. Change of Circuit Judge or Magistrate

15-13. Proceedings Before a Referee

15-14. Jury Trials

15-15. Record and Exhibits

15-15A. Unified Judicial System Court Records Rule

15-16. Judgments

15-16A. Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act

15-17. Recovery of Disbursements

15-18. Execution of Judgments

15-19. Execution Sales

15-20. Supplementary Proceedings upon Execution

15-21. Civil Penalties for Public Servants

15-22. Arrest and Bail in Civil Cases, Repealed

15-23. Discharge from Imprisonment on Civil Process, Repealed

15-24. Supreme Court Procedure

15-24A. Certification of Questions of Law to Supreme Court

15-25. Original Proceedings in Supreme Court

15-26. Procedure for Taking Appeal to Supreme Court, Repealed

15-26A. Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure

15-26B. Supreme Court Electronic Filing Rules [Repealed]

15-26C. Supreme Court Electronic Filing Rules

15-27. Stay of Execution on Appeal to Supreme Court, Repealed

15-28. Undertakings and Deposits on Appeal to Supreme Court, Repealed

15-29. Record and Briefs on Appeal to Supreme Court, Repealed

15-30. Disposition of Appeals to Supreme Court

15-31. County Court Procedure, Repealed

15-32. Municipal Court Procedure, Repealed

15-33. General Powers and Process of Justices' Courts, Repealed

15-34. Attachment and Garnishment in Justices' Courts, Repealed

15-35. Pleadings and Trial in Justices' Courts, Repealed

15-36. Judgments and Execution in Justices' Courts, Repealed

15-37. Records, Dockets and Accounting by Justices, Repealed

15-38. Appeals from Magistrate Court

15-39. Procedure for Small Claims in Circuit and Magistrate Courts


16-1. The Supreme Court

Chapter Page

16-1A. Commission on Judicial Qualifications

16-2. The Unified Judicial System

16-3. Supreme Court Rules

16-4. Supreme Court Reports

16-5. Judicial Circuits and Terms of Court

16-6. Circuit Courts

16-7. Circuit Court Bailiffs, Reporters and Interpreters, Repealed

16-8. Supreme and Circuit Court Judges' Retirement Program, Repealed

16-9. District County Courts, Repealed

16-10. County Clerk of Courts, Repealed

16-11. Municipal Courts, Repealed

16-11A. District County Court and Municipal Court Judges' Retirement, Repealed

16-12. Justices of the Peace and Police Magistrates, Repealed

16-12A. Magistrate Courts

16-12B. Magistrate Judges

16-12C. Clerk Magistrates

16-13. Selection of Juries

16-14. Judicial Conference of the State of South Dakota

16-15. Contempt and Offenses Against the Judiciary

16-16. Licensing of Attorneys and Admission to Practice

16-17. State Bar of South Dakota

16-18. Powers and Duties of Attorneys

16-19. Discipline of Attorneys

16-20. Expanded Media Coverage of Trial Court Proceedings

16-21. Electronic Document System — Court Record

16-21A. Circuit Court Electronic Filing Rules

16-22. Drug Court and Other Public Safety Programs

16-23. Rural County Attorney Recruitment Pilot Program


19-1. Competency of Witnesses

19-2. Privileged Communications

19-3. Taking Testimony

19-4. Affidavits and Certified Writings

19-5. Subpoena of Witnesses

19-6. Expert Witnesses and Reports, Repealed

19-7. Records, Documents and Judicial Proceedings

19-8. Proof of Foreign Law

19-9. General Rules of Evidence [Transferred]

19-10. Judicial Notice [Transferred]

19-11. Presumptions [Transferred]

19-12. Relevancy [Transferred]

19-13. Privileges [Transferred]

19-13A. Uniform Mediation Act

19-14. Witnesses [Transferred]

19-15. Opinions and Expert Testimony [Transferred]

19-16. Hearsay [Transferred]

19-17. Identification and Authentication [Transferred]

19-18. Recordings, Writings and Photographs [Transferred]

19-19. South Dakota Rules Of Evidence


23A-1. Purpose and Scope of Title

23A-2. Summons, Complaint and Warrant

23A-3. (Rule 4.1) Arrest

Chapter Page

23A-4. Preliminary Proceedings Before Magistrate

23A-5. (Rule 6) Grand Jury

23A-6. Information and Indictment

23A-7. Arraignment and Pleas

23A-8. (Rule 12) Pleadings and Pretrial Motions

23A-9. (Rule 12.1) Notice of Alibi

23A-10. (Rule 12.2) Notice of Mental Illness Defense

23A-10A. Defendant’s Mental Competency to Proceed

23A-11. Joinder for Trial

23A-12. (Rule 15) Depositions

23A-13. (Rule 16) Discovery

23A-14. (Rule 17) Subpoena and Attendance of Witnesses

23A-14A. Uniform Rendition of Prisoners as Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings Act

23A-15. (Rule 17.1) Pretrial Conference

23A-16. Jurisdiction and Venue of Offenses and Proceedings

23A-17. Transfer of Proceedings from County

23A-18. (Rule 23) Trial by Jury or Court

23A-19. Jury Panel

23A-20. (Rule 24) The Trial Jury

23A-21. (Rule 25) Disability or Disqualification of Judge

23A-22. Evidence

23A-23. (Rule 29) Motion for Acquittal

23A-24. Conduct of Trial

23A-25. Jury Instructions and Deliberations

23A-26. (Rule 31) Verdict

23A-27. Sentence and Judgment

23A-27A. Capital Punishment

23A-28. Restitution to Crime Victims

23A-28A. Profits from Crime

23A-28B. Crime Victims' Compensation Program

23A-28C. Crime Victims' Act

23A-29. (Rule 33) New Trial

23A-30. (Rule 34) Arrest of Judgment

23A-31. Correction of Proceedings

23A-32. Appeals to Supreme Court

23A-33. Relief Pending Appeal

23A-34. Repealed

23A-35. (Rule 41) Search and Seizure

23A-35A. Interception of Wire or Oral Communications

23A-35B. HIV Testing of Sexual Assault Suspects & Prostitutes

23A-36. Seizure and Disposition of Obscene Material

23A-37. Seized Property

23A-38. (Rule 42) Contempt

23A-39. (Rule 43) Presence of the Defendant

23A-40. (Rule 44) Counsel for Indigent Defendant

23A-41. (Rule 45) Time Allowed

23A-42. Limitation of Criminal Prosecutions

23A-43. (Rule 46) Bail

23A-44. Other Administrative Provisions

23A-45. Definitions and General Provisions

23A-46. Mental Examinations and Hearings

23A-47. Administrative Financial Accountability System

23A-48. Probation Supervision, Discharge and Violation of Conditions

23A-49. Civil Forfeiture for Crime


Tribal Court Handbook


Indian Child Welfare Act (25 U.S.C. § 1901 et seq.)

Appendix: Grant Regulations

Guidelines for State Courts and Agencies in Indian Child Custody Proceedings, Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs (80 Federal Register 10146, No. 37, February 25, 2015)

Civil — Local Rules of Practice of the United States District Court for the District of South Dakota

Criminal — Local Rules of Practice of the United States District Court for the District of South Dakota

Local Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and Appendices for the District of South Dakota

Rules Governing Section 2254 Cases in the United States District Courts

Rules Governing Section 2255 Proceedings for the United States District Courts

Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure

Rules for the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit

Internal Operating Procedures of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit

Appendix A: Chronology of Events for A Typical Civil Appeal in the Eighth Circuit

Appendix B: Chronology of Events for A Typical Criminal Appeal in the Eighth

Plan to Expedite Criminal Appeals

Rules for Processing Complaints Against Judges and Magistrates of the Eight Circuit

Rules of Civil Procedure for United States District Courts

Rules of Criminal Procedure for United States District Courts

Rules of Evidence for United States Courts and Magistrate Judges

Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure


[For SDCL Titles 15, 16, 19 and 23A, see Volume 1.]