LexisNexis Practice Guide: Washington Real Estate Litigation

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2023 Edition
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2023 Edition
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Analysis, forms, practice tips, and insights for the real estate litigator in Washington State, reflecting decades of practical experience from seasoned real estate litigators. Find answers quickly in this concise one-volume practical guide, and avoid wasting time. The LexisNexis Practice Guide: Washington Real Estate Litigation provides an easily navigated - and understood - roadmap to the most prevalent real estate litigation topics that an attorney may encounter. Available in convenient formats you can use in court as well as at your desk: an easily carried soft-bound print volume, an eBook, and on the Internet as part of Lexis+®. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, or simply need to be refreshed on a particular topic, this guide will serve as a daily resource for your real estate litigation practice.

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Table of contents

The Land Use Petition Act (LUPA) —Litigation (Chapter 1)
Construction Litigation (Chapter 2)
Real Estate Brokerage Litigation (Chapter 3)
Transfers of Real Property—Litigation (Chapter 4)
Residential Landlord-Tenant Litigation (Chapter 5)
Commercial Landlord-Tenant Litigation (Chapter 6)
Adverse Possession, Trespass, and Nuisance Litigation (Chapter 7)
Easements Litigation (Chapter 8)
Eminent Domain (Chapter 9)
Foreclosure (Chapter 10)
Partition Actions (Chapter 11)
Community Associations (Chapter 12)

Forms in the LexisNexis Practice Guide: Washington Real Estate Litigation, by chapter:

CHAPTER 1—The Land Use Petition Act (LUPA) —Litigation
Land Use Petition (§ 1.06)
Motion for Initial Hearing on Land Use Petition Act (§ 1.07)

CHAPTER 2—Construction Litigation
Complaint for Foreclosure of Construction Lien (§2.21)

CHAPTER 4—Transfer of Real Property—Litigation
Statutory Warranty Deed (§ 4.06)
Quitclaim Deed (§ 4.08)
Lis Pendens (§ 4.09)
Release of Lis Pendens (§ 4.10)

CHAPTER 5—Residential Landlord Tenant Litigation
Self-Attesting Certificate of Delivery (§ 5.07)
Summons (§ 5.08)

CHAPTER 6—Commercial Landlord Tenant Litigation
Unlawful Detainer Forms:
Notice to Occupant/Tenant (§ 6.16[2])
Complaint for Unlawful Detainer (§ 6.16[3])
Notice to Pay or Vacate/Cure or Vacate/Termination of Tenancy (§ 6.16[4])
Motion for Order to Show Cause (§ 6.16[5])
Judgment and [only if non-payment of rent] Order Granting Writ of Restitution (§ 6.16[6])
Order Proposed (§ 6.16[7])
Summons (§ 6.16[8])

CHAPTER 7—Adverse Possession, Trespass, and Nuisance Litigation
Letter about Potential Adverse Claim (§ 7.13[1])
Complaint for Quiet Title of Adversely Possessed Property (§ 7.13[2])
Interrogatories and Requests for Production (§ 7.13[3])
Motion for Summary Judgment (§ 7.13[4])
Lis Pendens (§ 7.13[5])
Complaint for Quiet Title Trespass and Ejectment (§ 7.14)
Complaint for Quiet Title (§ 7.15)
Lis Pendens (§ 7.16)

CHAPTER 8—Easements—Litigation
Complaint in Quiet Title on Prescriptive Easement (§ 8.08[1])
Interrogatories and Requests for Production (§ 8.08[3])

CHAPTER 9—Eminent Domain
Agreed Order on Public Use and Necessity (§ 9.13)
Immediate Possession and Use Stipulation (§ 9.14)
Motion to Disburse Funds (§ 9.15)
Stipulation for and Judgment and Decree of Appropriation (§ 9.16)

CHAPTER 10—Foreclosure
Complaint for Foreclosure (§ 10.09)
Judgment for Foreclosure (§ 10.10)
Notice of Default (§ 10.11)
Notice of Trustee's Sale (§ 10.12)
Trustee's Deed (§ 10.13)
Notice of Foreclosure (§ 10.14)
Notice of Intent to Forfeit (§ 10.15)
Declaration of Forfeiture (§ 10.16)
Affidavit of Mailing Notice of Trustee's Sale and Notice of Foreclosure (§ 10.17)
Trustee's Sale Receipt (§ 10.19)
Trustee's Sale Script (§ 10.20)
Non-Judicial Foreclosure Checklist (§ 10.21)
Notice of Default (§ 10.22)
Foreclosure Loss Mitigation Form (§ 10.23)
Notice of Foreclosure (§ 10.24)
Notice of Foreclosure 2 (§ 10.25)
Notice of Trustee's Sale (§ 10.26)
Notice of Trustee's Sale 2 (§ 10.27)
Trustee's Deed (§ 10.28)
Notice of Pre-Foreclosure Options Form (§ 10.29)
Notice to Occupant Regarding Foreclosure (§ 10.30)
Complaint for Judicial Foreclosure—Consumer Debt (§ 10.31)

CHAPTER 11—Partition Actions
Motion for Public Sale (§ 11.11[2])
Complaint for Partition and Set-Off (§ 11.11[3])
Referee's Report of Unsatisfied Liens (§ 11.11[4])
Order for Public Sale, Appointment of Referee and Setting Minimum Bid Price (§ 11.11[5])
Order of Confirmation of Report of Unsatisfied Liens (§ 11.11[6])

CHAPTER 12—Community Associations
Pre-lien Letter (§ 12.06[1])
Lien (§ 12.06[2])
Release of Lien (§ 12.06[3])
Complaint to Foreclose HOA Lien (§ 12.06[4])
Complaint to Foreclose Condo Lien (§ 12.06[5])
Homeowner Complaint to Prevent Enforcement (§ 12.06[6])