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2018 Edition
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2018 Edition
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LexisNexis Practice Guide: Pennsylvania Civil Discovery is a one-volume source for in-depth practical guidance on Pennsylvania law and procedure with step-by-step guidance essential to effectively managing each step of the discovery process in a civil lawsuit. Each chapter in the Practice Guide reflects the keen legal analysis and practical insights of the authors.

Topically organized, the title covers:
• Planning Discovery;
• Timing of Discovery;
• Interrogatories;
• Requests for Production of Documents for Inspection;
• Depositions;
• Medical Discovery;
• Experts;
• Third-Party Discovery;
• Objections to Discovery;
• Sanctions for Failure to Produce Discovery or for Spoliation;
• Requests for Admission;
• Forms;

and much more.

LexisNexis Practice Guide Pennsylvania Civil Discovery integrates how-to practice guidance, task-oriented checklists, downloadable forms and references to sources that provide in-depth explanations of subjects to make this complex area understandable to litigators. It distills the experience of seasoned litigators in both federal and Pennsylvania State courts to demystify the complex areas of understanding, planning, identifying, producing, preserving, protecting and using discovery. It offers targeted practical guidance for the Pennsylvania litigator struggling to master the complexities of the Pennsylvania and federal court rules and case law that govern this important evolving area.

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Planning Discovery

Ch. 2 Timing of Discovery

Ch. 3 Interrogatories

Ch. 4 Requests for Production of Documents

Ch. 5 Requests for Admission

Ch. 6 Depositions

Ch. 7 Medical Discovery

Ch. 8 Experts

Ch. 9 Third-Party Discovery

Ch. 10 Objections to Discovery and Motion Practice Regarding Discovery

Ch. 11 Sanctions for Failure to Produce Discovery

Forms Appendix