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LexisNexis Practice Guide: Illinois Contract Litigation

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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522149668
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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522149675
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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522149675
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LexisNexis Practice Guide: Illinois Contract Litigation is a one volume softbound annual that covers basic principles of contract litigation in Illinois, using a task-oriented structure and concise, straight-forward language to direct practitioners to the answers to their contract litigation questions. Includes checklists and sample forms.

Created under the guidance of Editorial Consultants Bradley C. Graveline and Kenneth E. Rechtoris from the Chicago office of the law firm Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, and Daniel G. Rosenberg from the James McHugh Construction Company, LexisNexis Practice Guide: Illinois Contract Litigation provides practical, step-by-step guidance on all phases of contract litigation in Illinois.

The task-based format guides you through all potential claims, defenses, and other issues that might arise in an action arising out of cases involving contract claims, including the potential causes of actions, remedies, and defenses for a contract claim. This guide simplifies the process of litigating a contract case by identifying the essential elements and setting them out in a comprehensive yet easy to understand way. Insights from Illinois experts are reflected throughout, with strategic points, warnings, traps, and other types of practice tips targeting issues of particular interest.

Each chapter contains:

•  A task-based organization that takes user through each topic in a logical style designed to facilitate a clear understanding of the contract litigation process.
•  Clear, concise analysis explaining the litigation process in a practical and easy-to-understand style.
•  Dozens of litigation forms with the types of filings that attorneys are most likely to use in a contract litigation case – saving hours of drafting time.
•  Practice tips and pointers from Illinois practitioners – providing a real world perspective on the Illinois litigation process.
•  Checklists outlining important procedural steps and considerations.

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Litigating Breach of Contract Cases in Illinois: Types, Tactics and

Chapter 2 Determining Choice of Law, Venue, Forum

Chapter 3 Establishing the Elements and Pleading the Case

Chapter 4 Interpreting and Construing Contracts in Illinois

Chapter 5 Determining Whether to Arbitrate or Litigate

Chapter 6 Attacking and Defending Against the Existence of a Contract

Chapter 7 Effecting Modification and Waiver

Chapter 8 Understanding Quasi-Contracts

Chapter 9 Understanding Equitable Remedies

Chapter 10 Understanding the Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

Chapter 11 Understanding Contracts or Provisions That Violate Illinois Statutes or Public Policy

Chapter 12 Understanding the Uniform Commercial Code in Illinois

Chapter 13 Understanding Employment Contracts in Illinois

Chapter 14 Understanding Nondisclosure Agreements

Chapter 15 Litigating Construction Contracts

Chapter 16 Understanding Insurance Contracts Under Illinois Law

Chapter 17 Understanding Vendor Agreements Under Illinois Law

Chapter 18 Allocating Damages for Breach of Contract

Chapter 19 Recovering Attorney Fees under Illinois Law

Chapter 20 Understanding the Effect of Bankruptcy on Contract Litigation

Chapter 21 Enforcing Online Contracts