Lexis Practice Advisor® Forms Pack - Retail, Office and Industrial Leases (Pro-Landlord)

A set of expertly drafted editable forms and checklists annotated with drafting notes and summaries, that provide step-by-step practical guidance and the tools necessary to successfully draft the required documents for retail, office or industrial lease transactions.
Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN: 9781522139652
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The Retail, Office, and Industrial Leases Pack contains 8 documents drafted by expert authors. The transaction is contemplated from the perspective of the Landlord and includes everything from the Letter of Intent to the Lease Agreement. Each document includes practical guidance in the form of summaries and drafting notes. The pack also includes tenant-favorable drafting notes for the practitioner's consideration and review.

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Table of contents

This Lexis Practice Advisor Forms Pack contains:

Assignment and Assumption of Lease and Consent
Industrial Lease Agreement
Letter of Intent
Personal Lease Guaranty
Retail Lease Agreement
Office Lease Agreement
Subordination, Non-disturbance, and Attornment Agreement
Tenant Estoppel Certificate

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