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A primer for beginners and a reference manual and research source for more experienced practitioners, Law of Federal Oil and Gas Leases provides expert legal analysis and a practical approach to problems and questions concerning federal oil and gas leases. Coverage includes:

•   leasing legislation
•   outer continental shelf leases
•   leasing in Alaska
•   Indian leasing
•   right-of-way leasing
•   royalties
•   surface management requirements and special stipulations
•   exploration, drilling, producing, and operating regulations
•   bonds
•   state and local regulation
•   lessee and transferee qualifications
•   assignments and transfers of interests
•   options and rights to acquire
•   administrative procedures and judicial review
•   federal land records and title examination, and much more

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 History, the Government Survey, and Basic Oil and Gas Leasing Legislation

Chapter 3 Lands Available for Leasing

Chapter 4 Lessee and Transferee Qualifications

Chapter 5 Noncompetitive Leasing--Over-Counter Offers

Chapter 6 Noncompetitive Leases--Simultaneous Filings

Chapter 7 Competitive Leases

Chapter 8 Right-of-Way Leasing

Chapter 9 Lease Forms and Basic Provisions

Chapter 10 Assignments and Transfers of Interests

Chapter 11 Options and Rights to Acquire

Chapter 12 Fees and Rentals

Chapter 13 Royalties

Chapter 14 Extension, Suspension, Termination, and Reinstatement of Leases

Chapter 15 Surface Management Requirements and Special Stipulations

Chapter 16 Exploration, Drilling, Producing, and Operating Regulations and Procedures

Chapter 17 Bonds

Chapter 18 Unitization and Communitization

Chapter 19 Administrative Procedures and Judicial Review

Chapter 20 Federal Land Records and Title Examination

Chapter 21 Post Leasing Changes in Federal Title

Chapter 22 Access to the Leasehold

Chapter 23 Conflicts with Development of Other Minerals

Chapter 24 State and Local Regulation of Activities on Federal Oil and Gas Leases

Chapter 25 Outer Continental Shelf Leases and Operating Regulations

Chapter 26 Indian Leasing

Chapter 27 Federal Oil and Gas Leasing in Alaska