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Larson on Workers' Compensation, Desk Edition delivers detailed case analyses, statutory references and essential background information in timesaving, comprehensive portions. With this compact reference, you can: understand the different categories of risk and the cases that support them; determine compensability under the law; and handle even the most complex compensation claims or defenses. Additionally, the parallel section numbering system eliminates the need for repeated cross-referencing between sets.

Larson on Workers' Compensation, Desk Edition gives you succinct, straightforward discussion of claims based on exposure to natural and "street" risks, emotional stress, recreational injuries, assault, suicide, intoxication and much more, with careful attention to variants arising from a wide array of circumstances.

Stay Up To Date And Up To Speed.

With Larson on Workers' Compensation, Desk Edition, you’ll always be apprised of the latest developments in such controversial areas as the exclusive-remedy defense, medical and death benefits, psychological injuries, third-party claims, sexual harassment, and employment-related suicide. An abridgment that parallels Larson on Workers' Compensation Law in organization and analysis, the Desk Edition cites only as many cases as are necessary to illustrate the points covered in the text.

You’ll still find Larson’s authoritative and incisive coverage of:

• Established law
• Contemporary controversies
• New directions in the law
• Variations in state law and their consequences

The Desk Edition gives you valuable assistance in understanding this complex area of the law by:

• Grouping states that agree on a particular pattern of law
• Providing quick access by both legal principle and fact situation indexing
• Providing up-to-date case summaries for comparison of facts and holdings
• Illustrating main points with examples
• Identifying independent contractor relationships

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