Kissiah and Lay's Georgia Workers' Compensation Law

Considered a leading resource for Georgia workers' compensation, this popular treatise provides quick answers on this complex area of law.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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4th Edition
ISBN: 9781522141174
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Product description

Written by one of the state's leading experts, Kissiah and Lay's Georgia Workers' Compensation Law is the most detailed, accurate, and up-to-date resource available to Georgia attorneys who practice in this area. It analyzes exhaustively the statutes, regulatory provisions, and case law decisions governing workers' compensation law in Georgia, providing essential information to personnel managers, risk managers, and insurance adjusters, as well as workers' compensation attorneys.

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Table of contents

(Partial Table of Contents)
Chapter 1 Historical Considerations with Regard to Workers' Compensation Law
Chapter 2 Jurisdiction and Choice of Laws
Chapter 3 Employment Relationship
Chapter 4 Injury by Accident Arising Out of and in the Course of Employment
Chapter 5 Particular Types of Accidents
Chapter 6 Particular Types of Injuries
Chapter 7 Occupational Disease
Chapter 8 Willful Misconduct
Chapter 9 Statute of Limitations Issues in Occupational Injury Cases
Chapter 10 Notice of Injury
Chapter 11 Intentional Misrepresentation as to Condition - The "Rycroft" Defense
Chapter 12 Disability Benefits - Generally
Chapter 13 Average Weekly Wage
Chapter 14 Temporary Total Disability Benefits
Chapter 15 Temporary Partial Disability Benefits
Chapter 16 Permanent Partial Disability Benefits
Chapter 17 Death Benefits
Chapter 18 Medical Benefits
Chapter 19 Rehabilitation Benefits
Chapter 20 Credits and Offsets
Chapter 21 Modification of Benefits
Chapter 22 Form Filing and Payment Provisions
Chapter 23 Attorneys and Attorneys' Fees
Chapter 24 Lump Sums and Advances
Chapter 25 Settlements
Chapter 26 Administration of the Georgia Workers' Compensation Act
Chapter 27 Procedure in Workers' Compensation Cases
Chapter 28 Appeals to the Appellate Division
Chapter 29 Superior Court Review in Workers' Compensation Cases
Chapter 30 Appeals Beyond the Superior Court Level
Chapter 31 Insurance and Self-Insurance
Chapter 32 Subsequent Injury Fund
Chapter 33 Workers' Compensation Subrogation
Chapter 34 The Exclusive Remedy Provision of the Act
Chapter 35 Guardianship