Judicial Conduct and Ethics

Provides the authoritative, practical guidance you need to ensure judicial activities are irreproachable.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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5th Edition
ISBN: 9780327194422
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Judges are expected not simply to decide the law but to exemplify it. In the face of increasing public scrutiny and a welter of new decisions, even the best-intentioned judges can find themselves at a loss. Here is the authoritative, practical guidance you need to ensure judicial activities are irreproachable.

Now in its fifth edition, Judicial Conduct and Ethics has established its reputation as the nation's most definitive guide to the conduct of federal, state, and local judges. The new edition, which keeps pace with recent developments in this fast-evolving field, builds on this tradition.

Setting the stage with an illuminating discussion of the use of power, Judicial Conduct and Ethics addresses the complete spectrum of judicial conduct, including uses and abuses of judicial power, judicial demeanor, disqualification, ex parte communications, case management, financial activities and disclosure, civic and charitable activities, personal conduct, political activities, civil and criminal liability, methods of discipline and removal, and disability and retirement. The book analyzes conduct that will subject judges to discipline under applicable codes of judicial conduct, and offers insights and advice on best practices.

Some of the substantial new material added to this edition includes an appendix featuring an updated edition of the 2007 ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct. Areas that have been substantially revised or expanded include:

•  The Appearance of Impropriety
•  Disqualification
•  Regulation of Political Activities in Judicial Elections
•  Personal Conduct and Social Media

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Table of Contents




Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Use of Power

Chapter 3 Judicial Demeanor and Competence

Chapter 4 Disqualification

Chapter 5 Ex Parte Communications

Chapter 6 Case Management and Administrative Imperatives

Chapter 7 Financial Activities

Chapter 8 Financial Disclosure

Chapter 9 Civic and Charitable Activities

Chapter 10 Personal Conduct, Speech, and Association


Chapter 11 Election and Political Activities

Chapter 12 Regulatory Organization and Procedure

Chapter 13 Civil and Criminal Liability

Chapter 14 Alternate Methods of Judicial Removal

Chapter 15 Disability and Retirement

Appendix A. Tables of Model Code Provisions

Appendix B. 1990 ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct

Appendix C. 2007 ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct

Appendix D. Guidelines for Cases Involving Judicial Disability

Table of Cases