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Interactive Citation Workbook for ALWD Guide to Legal Citation

Publisher: LexisNexis

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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522149897
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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522153924
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Nearly 140 Legal Research and Writing programs already rely on the Interactive Citation Workbook (ICW) to provide a self-paced, pedagogically sound, and mentally stimulating way for students to learn citation. Available in both Bluebook and ALWD versions, the annually revised ICW uses a building-block approach to learning citation. Individual chapters include explanatory text with examples, a checklist summary of the text, and a citation exercise for practicing and reinforcing the rules covered in the chapter.

Students can complete a citation exercise either in their ICW Workbook or in the newly updated and enhanced online Workstation, accessible via Lexis Advance. Doing the exercises online provides immediate feedback for both correct and incorrect answers. For incorrect answers, references to the citation rules needed to correct the answer allow students to become familiar with using their citation guide as a reference and further enhance the learning experience. Please contact your LexisNexis Publishing Representative to request copies of our new student and faculty user guides for the online Workstation.

Professors and adjunct professors may request complimentary examination copies of LexisNexis law school publications to consider for class adoption or recommendation. Please identify the book(s) you wish to receive, provide your institutional contact information, and submit your request here.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Case Names

Chapter 2 - Case Location

Chapter 3 - Court & Date

Chapter 4 - Parallel Citations

Chapter 5 - Short Forms (Cases)

Chapter 6 - Federal Statutes

Chapter 7 - State Statutes

Chapter 8 - Short Forms (Statutes)

Chapter 9 - Comprehensive Core Exercise

Chapter 10 - Prior & Subsequent Case History

Chapter 11 - Secondary Sources

Chapter 12 - Parentheticals

Chapter 13 - Signals

Chapter 14 - Legislative & Administrative Resources

Chapter 15 - When Do I Cite?

Chapter 16 - Court Documents: Trial & Appellate

Chapter 17 - Law Review Footnotes